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printable bonus page 47

Material relative to coping with 2020 covid-19 issues was moved here for its very own page. Find links to info and activities in the sidebar and below. I will add more here and there, at least until the end of March, but maybe beyond.

Don't Panic!

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If you need extra activites and encouragement in this time of need: I've got you Covid.

^o^   ;p   You gotta' laugh, or you'll cry. ^_~

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2020Mar25 - Apr6 extended to Apr30 Stay At Home Order - Don't Panic. ^_^
This is what most people have already been voluntarily doing. It's now an order to bring everyone into cooperation.
Please, be thoughtful of others! Be a Community and be the cure!

and PLEASE tell your family, friends and neighbors that this is a respiratory infection - NOT a stomach flu!
What is with all this continuing hording? CHILL. ^_~
(and, believe me, when you're weak because you can't breathe, you don't eat much or use much tp, so don't put yourselves in debt for it. ^_^)

Great PBS video guide with basics clarified about covid-19 in 4mins.

Too many people are acting like this is a "panicdemic". FYI: the "pan" in pandemic does NOT stand for "panic". ;p The "pan" actually just stands for "all". A pandemic is something that breaks out suddenly and is temporarily very widespread, affecting everyone. Keyword: Temporarily. It is NOT the end of the World. With proper precautions, society can still function. If it stops functioning, it's because panicked people are crippling it. Be part of the cure! ^_^

We are trying to save as many of our vulnerable loved ones as possible with these world-wide self-isolation precautions - not make things harder on them by making it impossible for them to find everyday necessities, or by being complacent and spreading it around just because it didn't affect you in particular very much. The aim is to make it so that severe cases aren't all at once and causing many to be without adequate care and sometimes no care at all. By slowing the spread, these patients will be able to get care, and better care, and have a greater chance of survival.

This hits very close to home, as my mother was getting cancer treatments (years ago) and died from secondary infections because people didn't take her vulnerability seriously. I do not wish that on anyone. Please, remain calm and thoughtful of others.

As has come to more minds than mine: We must come together - by staying as far apart as possible. ^,^ This means even playgrounds are roped off for awhile and events and places where people normally congregate are temporarily closed. Please appreciate the care for our collective well-being and embrace it, rather than grumble about it. The material I started putting up to help keep people occupied turned into a lot, so I'm giving it its own page, here. Stuff I had on the other page has been moved to this page, and I'll add more to it here and there. In the sidebar on the left, there's links to good wildlife video sites, and below there's links to places with activities and printables.

"You can't change a single thing by freakin' out." and "You may feel alone, but you're not on your own."
- Jason Gray, Sparrows

Erie, We Got This.

2020 Panicdemic ^,^ - Be the cure.

Look on the bright side: You can eat as much garlic as you want for awhile. ^_^

Rereading this post, if you're not familiar with my tongue-in-cheek humor, perhaps you saw it as harsh. Well, that is fine with me. Because, sometimes, people need scolded. ;p I wrote it while laughing incredulously, and knowing there are others struck the same way who appreciate that they aren't alone. (think this page was Mar15)


Printable bonus page 45

It's most easily transmitted through contact with infected people or surfaces. So..: Anyone remember that movie "The Emperor's New Groove"? Even as adults, my siblings and I teased each other for years with the Emperor's "No touchy!". ^,^ I think it needs a revival...

So... Due to food allergies and intolerances, my nose is always drippy. I went to get some more tissue yesterday... hahahahaha silly me... SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. Even tissue and paper towels are gone. Even this little town gets hit with hysteria. For Heaven's Sake. You only need a two week supply handy - not bomb-shelter end of the world madness hording. I have no problem going without, but suddenly cleaning stores out like this compromises the elderly, immobile, and poor who have enough fun getting what they need just day to day and don't have the ability to travel around looking for everyday necessities. Sitting on a year's supply and forcing others to go without is ridiculous. ... And, really, if you actually use a hundred rolls of toilet paper in two weeks, maybe you oughta' be using washcloths. Xp

If you keep this up, I may need to start using hankies. That's where you blow your nose into a piece of cloth and fold it up and put it in your pocket. Then, later, you pull it out, unfold it, look for a clean spot, and blow some fresh mucus into it. Then, you fold that up and put it in your pocket to use again later, until it's completely covered and all stuck together. Then, you wash it out and fill it up again. I always thought that was kinda' gross. You see what you've done? Meanies. I hope you're happy. ;p

On a serious note: Reportedly, this virus is bad because it's aggressive on the lungs. Children aren't very affected by it, yay ^_^, but they can still carry it to someone who will not weather it so finely. Those with respiratory issues or compromised immune systems, like the elderly and cancer patients we all have in our lives these days, are most at risk. People who aren't worried about it for themselves: PLEASE respect that you could endanger others if you are complacent.

Visiting #rockout pages, someone noted some good advice to continue safely enjoying painted rock hiding and finding. Here's a cute post about it. ~ No school for two weeks, some people were more worried about panic-buying arts & crafts supplies! ^_~

There's some great fun ones out there! ^o^ Like these cute ones playing it safe.

People are horrible! ...but this was hilarious anyway. ^o^ As my mom liked to say, "You gotta' laugh, or you'll cry." ^_~

This one is a good laugh, and So True of how people are acting! ^o^ Here's some other great ones.

Food for thought: When this is all over, what are you going to be able to say about how you acted during it? ;p

Don't be afraid to go out and enjoy nature! (Unless you're specifically told to strictly stay in your home - and I realize cities are a different story than out here.) Just stay away from others and don't touch anything. That means no hugging trees, and if you stop to smell the roses: Don't cough or sneeze on them! ^,^

fun with tp

Printable page 130

sing it loud, too

Printable bonus page 46

To properly rid your hands of germs, and viruses, you should wash them for 20 seconds, being sure to get your wrist, thumb, between your fingers and your nail beds. (doesn't nail beds sound funny? ^,^ That's what where your fingernail meets your finger is called. Lots of germs can hide in those crevices.) People say to sing the Happy Birthday song twice, and that will be about twenty seconds; but they always use the wrong lyrics... So, I thought I'd provide the real ones, as I learned them growing up. ^_~ (updated page to nice version)

Admittedly, I live alone, so while I wash my hands all the time, I'm only 20-second scrubbing thorough when I've been somewhere public or worked with something grundgy. If I have a cold or flu, there's no one here to pass it to. When you live with others, you don't know what they're bringing home, and you can be contagious for days without knowing you have something, so be more thorough! ^_^

There's many versions listed here. You can use a different one each time! ~ I think my brothers were just being mean with the "smell", as I found it was probably originally "act" - which we certainly did act like monkeys. ^o^ I also came across this site with video clips of classical music, jazz and other versions. And, wow, there's lots of history to this song and it's use! This bday site might provide some fun, too.

2020Mar23 - Last night, I was blindsided by someone's utter mockery of the situation. I haven't been to any stores or public places other than riding on the local roads, but most people around here seem to be taking this seriously and not congregating and such. Yet, there are too many out there who still don't get it and one of them, unfortunately, last night actually laughed it off in text to me that 'it's just a virus. we should let it run its course instead of shutting everything down.' ...

Well, let me put it this way for those on his leaky boat: We can either shut down while we're mostly healthy and still function, or we can shut down because everyone's sick at the same time and can't function and have no one to care for each other because everyone's sick. Even with a regular flu, you can be out of commission for more than a week and appreciate someone making you soup. We don't want to all be hit at the same time by ANY flu. This is a very aggressive, fast spreading virus - not just some run-of-the-mill casual bug.

Let's, please, exercise our common sense out there and be humane to each other rather than snotty. Tissues are in short supply. ;p

...so... Is this an appropriate time to pick on others..? ^.^

Have had this page ready for awhile, just waiting for an opportunity to use. Well, now seems like a good time for a giggle. ^_~ - Yes, Kevin says "tyre": that's how they spell "tire". They spell lots of things wrong over there. >;} Instead of "moldy" bread, theirs gets "mouldy". They have "colours" and wear "pyjamas" and "organise" "programmes", and I would be Mom's "Favourite". ^_^ You may have noticed other "mis-spelled" words in Kevin's and the Foundation's posts. They're not really spelling them wrong, just differently. ^_~ I already tend to use a few words like "behaviour" rather than "behavior", because it just looks better to me for some reason. In general, at the end of words, British English uses "re" rather than "er", "ise" rather than "ize", and "our" rather than "or"... and then there's words like "tyre", and "petrol" rather than "gasoline"... But, "lion" is the same. ^_^

tomayto tomahto

Printable bonus page 48

Use this time to check out other words we use slightly differently. ~ A couple of fun ones: They call "cookies" "biscuits" and don't even have what we call a biscuit. No biscuits and gravy in their diet, poor things don't know what they're missing. ^_~ Rather than "yards", they call it the "garden". Here, if you play in the garden, you'd get in trouble. ^,^ ~ While South African English is more like British English than ours is, they still have their own nuances, but I couldn't find a page specific to that to link to.

~ Here are some worksheets you can do online. ~
draw with your mouse, or type, right on them ^_^

Oh, and this is the post / photo this page is based on. ^_^

a-maze-ing lion

Printable page 131

I like how this lion-flower for Spring came out, and turned it into a maze for a bit of Spring fun. I think it's dahlias that are the big flowers like this that florists make faces on. A neighbor gave me one when I was young, and I still have the little hat that was on top. It says, "Official Mischief Maker". ^o^ I have no idea why she picked that one. ^_~

Stumbled upon this great camera trap video of PA wildlife. It caught a few bits of animal behaviour you don't often get to see - like the kingfisher smacking a fish against the log to stun it, and the turkey duking it out with an owl. ^,^ - How many of the animals could you name before the end credits? ^_~ ...Though I don't see blue heron on his list, and it was there twice... ^.^ oh, and he didn't list what I believe is a muskrat... Here's a link to his channel.

Lion-hug pop-up cards! ^_^ Want to give someone a hug without touching them? You could use these.

Okay, I think I've worked this out so that even if your printer doesn't print it in the position I drew it your folds should still line up the right way. If a bit sticks out when you put it together, you can just trim it. ^_~ Again, they're more sturdy on cardstock or heavy paper, but regular printer paper works fine, too. If there are any major problems, let me know at gstk83@catlover.com. If you want to mail them and don't have card envelopes this size, you can make your own envelopes from a 12"x12" piece of paper. I'm going to try to work out smaller versions that you'll be able to make envelopes for from a piece of printer paper (with squares 8.5"x8.5"), but I don't know when that will get done. In the meantime, you can make a really simple pop-up mouth and draw your own lion or animal around it, in any size you need. Instead of a straight line, cut a jagged line for a toothy maw. ^_^

lion pop-up card

Printable bonus page 49 hearts

lion pop-up card

yeah, he was originally egg-shaped. ;p view larger photo

When you close the card, top of lion should tuck itself in.

lion pop-up card

Printable bonus page 49

Bwhahahahaha ^_^ I got my cool new masks done.

lion mask

Over the years, I've often helped out elderly neighbors and had made a couple of gingham masks for when cold or flu were going around. I had just slapped them together, and they are really a bit small though adequate for casual precaution. Well, this is a bit more serious, and I have some material left that has lions and other animals on it. So, I made a few better-fitting masks that match my lion theme. ^_^ This virus is going to be around for awhile, so I'll be wearing this whenever I go into public places.

I just went with my own style. There's plenty of different mask patterns out there to suit your own tastes. Some don't even require sewing, and you can just use a bandana or scarf - there's very fashionable scarves you wear even in summer. If you don't have cool material to use, you could use fabric paint to personalize your mask, attach an appliqué, sew on different colored pieces of material to make a design, or cut a cloth picture, like a lion, from something else (with permission! ^o^) and sew that on. There's even special fabric glue that you can use, and a fabric tape that you could iron your hems together with instead of sewing things down. If you have, or make, paper masks, you could even draw on those. Have fun with it! ^_^

(this note was Mar19 I think) Oh! And I wanted to clarify for those who don't get it - which is obvious as so many are panic-buying: Most people who catch the virus will experience minor symptoms. These global precautions are to protect community members whose health issues will make them have severe reactions or be unable to recover if this virus gets into their lungs. Panic is counterproductive, and the ones it is compromising most are the ones who are most at risk. So, Be Kind and Considerate! ^_^ - LOL and "DON'T PANIC"! Another great quote for the times! ^_~ (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

2020Mar24 additional note : We cannot emphasize enough that there is still no need to panic-buy and horde supplies. Grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential businesses will remain open; and you can still go out to get necessary items when you need to. Just limit such trips to public places as much as possible. Many offer delivery or curb-side pick up.

This County officials statement makes great points and has local info, if you've missed it. ~ Plan - don't panic., also has some tips if you're dealing with anxiety. ~ GoErie.com keeps a daily update page with local information. There was a good video address to the County made saturday morning (Mar21). They also have a list here of related articles you can view without a subscription. Be prepared, knowing what to do when someone in your home comes down with it.

I heard and wanted to share that some stores (locally TOPS, Wal-Mart and others) will be offering Senior hours - where senior citizens can get into the stores before others. This is a good way for them to avoid undue exposure to more-traveled others and also gives them a chance to get necessary items before others buy them up again. If you know Seniors, find out what stores they need to go to and help them find out if those stores have special hours for them. - Some are opting for offering pick-up or delivery services.

And they reiterate: There is NO need to horde!   CALM.   PEACE.   NAMASTE. ^_^

Focus on the Family radio broadcast discussed covid-19 with National Institute of Health Director Dr. Collins. ~ listen ~ read ~ It may reassure and inform some. Focus on the Family is also currently offering a 4-week free trial of the Adventures in Odyssey series club to help families out with a great healthy entertainment option. A join link is on the same page, and there's links to other articles, like tips for talking to children about what's happening.

In case you didn't bookmark them before, or haven't been through them yet, I've gone through the links I've used around the site, and looked for some more, and listed some with crafts, games and printables activities sections here for your easy access. Lots of places out there are currently offering free access to normally member-only materials to help families out, so re-check sites that you may have dismissed before because you couldn't afford them. ^_^

~ Ranger Rick ~ NatGeo Kids ~ PBS Kids ~ Conservation Kids ~ Science Kids - Animals ~
~ Care Bears Environmental Awareness book pdf file ~ Seussville ~ Highlights ~ Active Wild ~
~ Mother Natured ~ Royal Society for Protection of Birds ~ Woo! Jr ~ Crayola ~ DLTK lion crafts ~
~ Teach Kids Art ~ POPular Kinetics ~ NASA at Home for Kids ~

Also check out CoComelon on YouTube for great nursery rhyme videos.

Audible is currently streaming free stories while schools are closed.

I'm told my young nephew loves the ABC Mouse learning site, and they have a 30day free subscription, right now.

Whew! And don't forget LionWhisperer TV. Also, watch some Bob Ross - he's very calming! ^_~   btw There's still a month left (as of Mar23) to enter to win a trip to visit the Sanctuary - the more you donate, the more entries are put in for you. If covid-19 is still in global crisis-mode a month or two from now, I'm sure they'll work with the winner on when the trip is actually made. No reason not to try for it! I'm sure it will be a welcome vacation for the winner after all this! ^_^

Where was I?

Ran out of lions, so thought I'd share a few images I like that I took locally. Can you tell where I was? (only peo local to me might recognize these) Again, I'll add another one each day for awhile. First, I'm gonna' share this awesome show of spirit I just passed today (Mar25). Great job! ~ That willow is my favorite tree, here. My second fav' is this lovely maple by the lake. ~ #5 Beautiful tulip tree! Sure, it makes a mess of the sidewalk for a bit, but it's worth it! ^_^ ~ My mom would have loved where #6 was taken! ~ #7 This morning (Apr2) I came across a red-tailed hawk picking at something along a road that starts with an A, which also has a beautiful huge hound whose bay is so deep it often sounds like a lion roar. He was out, too, and bay-roared a bit as I passed. Love 'im! ^_^ (I haven't stopped to get a photo of him, because I don't want him to come out into the road. Though, he does seem like he's trained to stay off the road, so maybe I'll stop to snap a photo sometime and hope the owners don't think I'm baiting him to bay longer. ^,^)

Where was I? #1

Where was I? #2 Where was I? #3

Where was I? #4 Where was I? #5

Where was I? #6

Where was I? #7 Where was I? #8

Lion Around Town
Go on Safari and see if you can spot some. ^_^

I've been sitting on some photos since last summer. I had planned to post them to Instagram, but while you can get an account from your computer, Instagram apparently requires being linked to a smartphone to post to it. I can't do that. So, to give you a little extra fun right now, I decided I'll post one of them here each day. I think I have seven. I call them my "Lion around town." series. ^_~ If you're local to me, you may recognize some of them. There's a really big pair I saw in a corner yard somewhere and didn't think to take a photo at the time - and a small pair I remember being in with some lilies. Of course, when I decided to take photos of them all, I couldn't find some of them again! ;_;

Remember, I only have a celphone, so image quality isn't always great. ~ Click on them for a larger view.

If you do recognize where these are, or see other ones, please respect private property and don't try to pet them! They are untame guard lions. ^_~ (lol someone should hook up motion-detection roaring to them... ^o^) ... Looks like we have a resident pair with a large territory... ^_~ ... There's another pride north of town. Be careful! ... And a rare black pair east of town... ~ Oh, here's another one, out at the reservoir. He's widely traveled, and you'll see him braving the other lions' territories. ...but snakes... he'll climb a tree to get away from! ^_~

lions around town lions around town

lions around town lions around town

lions around town lions around town

lions around town lions around town

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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