God, Save The King!

God Save The King! ~ * ~ And his kingdom!

A unicorn's journey in lion and wildlife conservation with coloring pages and crafts to raise awareness in youngsters.

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Hello. ^_^ I'm just a regular person trying to raise awareness about the plight of lions, and other wildlife, in my own way. I don't have social media, so this site and putting out painted lion rocks is my way of "sharing" with others.

If you're new to these music artists I listed on the left under WCTL, I've linked to their YouTube music videos so you can hear the songs I'm talking about. "Lions" bolstered me in coming out of the forest to do this, but "Broken Things" was first and played a big part in encouraging me to use my backpack and to create my coloring pages and this site. Too, "...beggar in the presence of a king" makes me think of Kevin. He certainly respects the prides in his care.

I'm not affiliated with Kevin Richardson's site. I just whole-heartedly support his efforts. That's why I put his url on the pages. (and I hope he doesn't mind me drawing him in - I thought his young supporters would like it, and he's so adorable who can resist?)

I just discovered him in June 2017 and through him that lions may become extinct before today's younger children grow up. That's just wrong. No lions?? What is wrong with people?! [Here's a great video of Kevin's outline of the problem, his goals, and our need to raise awareness.]

We need to save habitat, protect biodiversity, learn to coexist and be better stewards of the Earth. I've always felt that way, and losing lions is like a point of no return to me. We must save lions, our revered King of Beasts. I wanted to raise awareness with local youngsters - it's their future, but I couldn't find anything out there that was geared to really engage them. So, I started making my own coloring pages to hand out and guide them in the right direction to learning more while having a bit of fun.

Each coloring page has a bit of information on it or encourages thought about a subject, and each small image representing them on the website has a paragraph or two of more detail about what inspired each coloring page. So far, I've touched on a variety of subjects including the general need to preserve habitat and biodiversity, save lions (of course!), support snow leopard protection and of other apex predators, as well as the truth about cub petting and canned killing (erroneously called "canned hunting" - that is NOT "hunting"). And, yes, a few coloring pages are just for fun, or to poke a bit of fun. ^_~ I try to keep the information on the coloring pages themselves fairly simple, so parents can decide how much information your child is ready for and use the coloring page as a supplement or springboard for taking in more detail, or to spark a youngster's interest. I've provided a few links to get you started in finding more in-depth information, too. I fully support homeschooling, so hope this site is useful for those who do. I plan to have a new coloring page each week, for as long as I have ideas and access to the Internet.

Coloring pages may be printed from here and made copies of for non-profit, free of charge use only. ~ Don't have a printer? Out of ink? Libraries are typically happy to print things like this out for you. Some may charge a small fee, but others will print a page or two at no charge. ~ Please do not hotlink to or use my images on other websites. Simply direct people to my homepage: godsavetheking.neocities.org , thanks! Plant seeds!

Sample pages

Living lions are cooler.

Living lions are cooler.

As long as they get their trophy, and they don't care how, some people don't care whether there are any lions left for the future - your future. The people who get money for letting people kill so many lions also seem to only care about right now - not anybody's future, and certainly not about the future of lions and other wildlife. If lions go extinct, they will simply move on to killing off another animal with no regard to the impact this mentality has on our planet - your home. Not cool.

(The fang Kevin wears is a baby tooth from one of his lions, a rare find and special memento - not a trophy. His lions roar.)

Printable page 2

Friendly Competition

Just having some fun. ^_^ Kevin Richardson has more than lions at his sanctuary, and one of the documentaries said his favorites are actually the hyenas. (Loves them all, of course!) So, I've always had this fun image in the back of my mind of lions and hyenas rallying with signs that pick on each other. Yet, when I went to actually draw it, it just didn't seem like it was ready to be put down on paper. In come the snow leopard, and everything fell into place.

I love doing images that have me giggling the whole time I'm working on them.

Check out other fun Campaigns for King of Beasts

and my ingenious Lion Disguises.

Snow Leo for King!

Printable page 9

The truth is found out!

It's time I come clean: I have a pet lion. My mom got him for me years ago. I love cats, and he was cute, so she bought him for me. He's almost twenty years old but doesn't look his age at all. Still strong as ever. Like most lions, he lies around most of the time, but he knows some tricks; and I don't even need to give him meat. Ah! ... One day, a yappy little dog barked at me... I think we did that owner a favor. ;p

...you do know what day this is, don't you? ;p

printable page 132

Depending how you connect the stars, the Leo constellation has been depicted in various poses.

You can draw your own lion picture around the stars on page 143b.

If you can get away from the lights of towns and cities, you can see a whole lot more stars. Check out the DK Findout site for other constellations to look for. Some are only visible certain times of the year.

printable page 143

constellation Leo

Lions on the loose.

lion pride 1

printable page 144

printable page 144r - reversed positions

Make your own lion pride with these paper dolls. ^_^

It's easier to color them before cutting them out - and easier to cut out if you color a little background around the lion's mane and the tops of the grass, so you don't need to cut each point (just go straight along the tips of the points).

Making dioramas is fun. Decorate the inside of a box (shoeboxes are great) so that the bottom is the background when you stand it up, then the sides as the ground, background extension on either side and the sky. You can change the animals in and out for different scenes, or pick out your favorites and glue them in place. For that, you can leave tabs on the bottom of the pieces instead to glue them to the cardboard ground. Lay out your pieces to make sure how you want them before gluing them in place.

These are fun, and I'm making more in different poses - and other African animals, too. ~ And since July 18 is Nelson Mandela Day, where people do 67 of something to honor his 67 years of advocacy, I decided I'll make at least 67 animal paper dolls. ^_^

God, save the king.

Printable bonus page 20

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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[I'm not a professional and have limited resources/access; so some image quality isn't totally 'clean' - has smudging from erasing, but they print/copy fine. I make the printable images to be around 8x11 inches to fill a sheet of regular letter-size paper.]

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(mail.com) Their interface is cluttered, but it's free and I get to use a cute sub-domain name. ^_^ We'll see how it goes - Gmail doesn't like vpn and is constantly locking me out of my own account. Yeah, it's a free one, but I certainly wouldn't pay money for something that's such a hassle to use. I hope this one is more reliable.

Thanks Neocities!

* www.cursors-4u.com has a large selection of custom cursors if you're looking. I got the colored pencils from there and used IrfanView to convert the .cur files to gifs for use on Neocities. (note1: be sure to re-do the background transparency during the save process, note2: Firefox and Opera have no problem with them, but they don't show up in MSEdge; so be sure to also designate the generic/default ones in your code, note3: I believe animated gif files don't work for cursors, so stick to static ones) Have fun!