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very special lionesses

printable page 116

Meg and Amy were the two special lionesses that enlightened Kevin to the ills of the captive lion industry many years ago. The story of how they met and changed the direction of his life is in some of his videos, but, in a nutshell: He didn't own them at the beginning, just worked with - and loved ^_^ - them at a lion park, and they were sold out from under him. He immediately went to fetch them back and found them in a sea of lionesses at a breeding farm. He decided he wanted control over what happened to the animals he had come to care very much for and was eventually able to purchase them and move them to what would become KRWS - the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

"Ask Meg" became a way of Kevin answering questions visitors would post to his social media platforms. Spending a lot of time with Meg and Amy, Kevin could share that enriching time with viewers while also spreading awareness and information about lions and other wildlife. Meg was more tolerant of him talking all the time. ^_~

Marvellous meg

Meg & Amy Best Moments


printable page 119

lions are number one

printable page 74

Male Lions and prides

Lion Prides

Lion Sleeping Pattern, Speed & Age

Do Lions Get Sick

Lion Diseases

Lion Manes, Wild Population

Lions in the Wild

Lion Extinction, Life & Mating

Trophy Hunting

Canned Hunting

in-depth on leucism

Scents & Sense Abilities series
~ lion pt1 ~ lion pt2 ~ lion touch ~ lion sight pt1 ~ lion sight pt2 ~
~ hyena ~ hyena touch ~ hyena hearing ~
~ leopards ~ leopard touch ~ leopard sight ~ leopard super senses ~

snow leopard fun

printable page 161

so much mischief

printable page 45

lion cologne

printable page 13


first Ask Meg

sharpening claws - fav' meat

lion nose color and flehmen grimace

do they squabble?

trophy hunters don't like him ^^ - and what would happen to captive lions when industry is stopped

Meg vs monitor lizard - also about how he came to raise them

cameras and how Meg came to wear one

- meg rolling on camera

Meg with her camera

Meg's camera lost & found
Aw, Kevin, you are fighting for them! ^_~

scents of other animals are exciting

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. and eyesight

how some brands came to support him

why protect lions?
apex predators are essential and other topics

lion talk, why there's separate groups, why don't breed, and more


lions are thinkers, hyena tactics and more

lions favorite meat

lol Meg roaring agreement to one of his #askmeg answers ^_^

can't take in every single rescue case and more on breeding farms

strongest sense, lion's roar - no teeth

how we feel about zoos - I, myself, have felt for a long time that zoos have outlived their purpose, and small ones without quality, spacious enclosures should be repurposed to focus more on providing education about the animals than on status quo of having a live one. Perhaps even some of the confiscated stuffed animals and parts sitting in warehouses can be given to zoos to put in the small cage areas for informative displays with appropriate scenery to reflect their natural habitats instead of housing live animals. Eventually, I'll get around to doing a big long page about it. ^_~

would they attack others? - uh, yeah... Some people are so silly! ^_~ Please, don't go into the space of animal strangers and expect them to have no problem with it. How many of you get barked at by dogs you pass? A lion's not going to bark, and they won't always snarl. They'll have other warnings, but most people won't recognize them until it's too late.

OTHER info

George and Yame - how lions feel to touch

lion's tongue info

lion jealousy, not really

work with their personalities (while loading)

instincts are amazing ^_~

leave porcupines alone ^^

but if you catch one, yummy!

jumping skills

on the cat walk

differences in the lions

looseness of male lion skin

without Kevin's relationship, they would just be lions in cages

back of lion necks

treating for ticks

caring for aging lions

equipment check

feeding day

catnip, drought and how we need to coexist with nature
everyone can change little things, they'll add up...


discussing Bongani living with FIP

cat up a tree!

lion feet and tracks

Amy's foot compared to Kevin's

Amy gives Kevin a tongue-lashing

lion food

lion tails

kitties in a tree

helping AfriCat prevent human-lion conflicts

"lion lights" make it look like someone's on patrol and helps deter predators from attacking livestock

Namibia lions eat seafood

lion impact on ecosystem

predators are essential

printable page 5

lion parts

printable page 54

Lions aren't mean and other fun facts.

~ I'm going to add a paragraph, or two, or three, for this one. ^_~ It hasn't yet ceased to amaze me how some people are aghast, "Why don't they turn on him? They're wild animals!" Yes, they're wild animals. Unfortunately, some people equate "wild" with "vicious" or "mindless killers". I recall a quote from a poster I had as a teen, "Man calls an animal vicious when it defends itself when he tries to kill it." That's pretty backwards.

Lions are no more inherently interested in going around killing people than a bee is in going around stinging people (and that is from someone who's been on the receiving end too many times! ^o^). Lions are intelligent, and so is Kevin: If one of them doesn't want him in their space, he'll respect that. They trust him, and enjoy his company, and have no reason to kill him. Kevin has a familial bond with the lions in his Sanctuary, developed over years and years of caring for them. It's not like he just goes willy-nilly into enclosures with any old captive lions that he doesn't have a respectable relationship with.

Now, if a stranger were to just waltz in there with them, of course that wouldn't end well, as the lions would feel the need to assert themselves over an intruder to defend their territory and pridemates. If you don't respect Nature and get hurt, that doesn't make Nature "vicious man-killers".

Perspective: Some of the most dangerous animals in the world don't have claws or fangs. ;p (see pg41)

On this note, as I often see reporters and commentors using the word "tame": Kevin never ever claims his lions are tame. You will get hurt, or killed, if you don't respect that lions in parks are wild animals that are habituated to humans, therefore not afraid of humans. Habituated - not "domesticated". Captive lions are NOT "tame". (In the videos you can quite plainly see there are "wild animal" warnings all over his Sanctuary.) Now, imagine if this lioness didn't like you. ^,^

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