God Save The King!

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God Save The King!

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Thank you!

Thank You card

We were taught to always send thank you notes. Here's a lion and snow leopard one you can use. ^_^

And thank YOU for your interest in learning more about nature! You rock!

Printable bonus page 17

Birthday Card

Reminiscing about summer birthdays, I decided to get done the birthday card I'd been wanting to do for others to use. Was going to be a random lion with an actual dead antelope on a human's bed, but it came out as our smart aleck trio. They are just always making mischief. ^,^ (If you're not a cat person: Good housecat mousers are known for presenting mice and such to their human in bed in the wee hours of the morning. ...Sometimes, they're still alive... ^,^' Could you imagine having an antelope deposited on your bed..? lol or an elephant! oh, my...)

While drawing the card, I had a sudden inspiration for a very easy lion-theme cake. Simply encircle a regular round cake with cupcakes for a mane. While we were growing up, Mom made some pretty cool cakes with simple tricks like that. ^_^ A standard recipe that makes 2 rounds or 24 cupcakes will just as easily make 1 round and 12 cupcakes. Easy, easy! Have fun!

Printable page 95

Printable bonus page 35

happy bday


~ * ~ Valentines ~ * ~

~ cards below, and you could also use the pop-up heart cards above ~
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Happy Valentine's Day!


Coming up with a lion was easy for me, and I found the adorable elephant idea online. I recommend printing my card-sheet on cardstock or pasting them to pieces of it, or to construction paper or doily hearts, to make them stiffer. If you're going to use the "Lion-of-Hearts" pattern a lot, or keep it for future use, printing it on cardstock will help it last.

You could also glue a paper mane (possibly of small and medium hearts in different colors) around a large, upside-down heart shape and draw, or paste on, eyes, nose, and whisker-dots. Heart-shaped confetti or glitter might be big enough to use for pupils or whiskers.

There's lots of other ideas out there. Personal Creations and Crafty Morning have some great ideas for animal valentines (including a unicorn! ^_^).

If you live in the area, WCTL is looking for donations of Valentine's cards that they'll distribute to local places (like hospitals and senior centers) to brighten many people's days. If you'd like to be part of that, check out their Healing Hearts project at WCTL.org - The date they need them by varies, but generally by a week before Valentine's Day, so they have time to get them where they're needed. ~ You could use these ones and share your love of animals, too.

Printable bonus page 18 - Valentine card sheet

Printable bonus page 19 - Lion-of-Hearts

Here are some cute new Valentine's Day cards you can use. ^_^ I recommend coloring them before cutting them apart. Also, to make them sturdier, you can glue them to construction paper hearts, or paper doily hearts. You could also print them on cardstock or even glue the colored page to cardstock (or half a folder), let dry, then cut them out.

Printable page 75


in memory

My friend, who was like a spoiling aunt to me, passed away late January 2020. She had been a great influence on my advocating for lions. She had a great sense of humor, and if not for her encouragement and enthusiasm for what I was doing, and sometimes inspiration for themes, I don't think this site, or my drawing/painting, would have gone very far - or have been as much fun!

She liked monkeys, so that's why these are monkey Valentines.

printable page 122

Every year, WCTL accepts donated Valentines to pass out to seniors and others who could use some extra cheer. If you're local and would like to help out, check out the Healing Hearts program on their site. (and they don't need envelopes ^_^)

These Valentines are sized to fit in a regular letter envelope, if you want to use one. You can glue your colored pictures onto red or pink construction paper, or card stock, to make them sturdier and more colorful, or even turn them into a folding card with colored paper base. ~ I've made separate versions of white folding cards that you can print out. Only one would fit per page that way, though, so there's a cut-out one with each, as well, to avoid wasting all that space. ~ single / folding cards: lion ~ snow leopard ~ hyena ~ Also, I've made versions with all lion , all snow leopard , all hyena , in case you prefer one.

wildlife valentines

Printable page 168

lion love

lion love

I was working on this Valentine's Day version of the small pop-up series I was doing, and was inspired with a bonus version that uses a heart-shaped card base. ^_^ You can use the heart on the print-out, or use the printed one as a pattern to cut a heart card base from colored paper. So, I also made a sheet of just the picture inserts that you can use if making multiple cards with colored paper bases.

With the printed one, you can color the heart card or leave it white. I left mine white and added different colored heart stickers inside. ~ Also, you have a little leeway in how high you place the picture inside: The white card example shows how the top middle of the picture can be a little above the card's top middle, as long as it all tucks in when the card is closed. On the red card example, I placed the picture as far down as you can without sticking out. Each gives just a little bit different look.

There are also lots of heart pop-up cards that you can use for Valentine's Day.

And remember that WCTL has a Healing Hearts project every year that you can contribute homemade Valentines to, and those don't need envelopes. ^_^

Lion Affection
Happy Birthday ~ Thank You

printable bonus page 64 ~ picture sheet ~ blank

lion love

printable page 213

lion love

~ * ~ Easter ~ * ~

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Easter card base

printable bonus page 51b

Easter card pop-up

printable bonus page 51a

Easter card example

Happy Easter!

Got this fun pop-up card done for Easter. This one is in two parts with a 5x7 card to go with it. ^_^ If you want to make your own 5x7 card to put the pop-up into, trim a piece of paper to 10"x7" and fold in half, then design your own cover picture. ~ You can make your own envelope for this card from a 8.5"x11" (8"x8") piece of paper.

Lions at the Sanctuary love boiled eggs. ^_^ Check out the favorite treats Kevin gives them.

Here is an Easter version for the small pop-up card series. It will fit into a regular letter-sized envelope.

Posted with this card was also a Lion Easter Egg craft. The egg pictures for it can also be used separately as decorations or even used to make cards. ^_^

Printable page 223

GSTK craft

~ * ~ Christmas ~ * ~

~ cards below ~ check out other Christmas pages:  2017  ~  2018  ~  2019  ~  2020  ~  2021

I got inspired to make a wildlife Christmas card you can color and personalize - or leave it for the person receiving it to color. I originally envisioned the Santa scene on the outside, but it doesn't matter which one you use for the cover.

* No reindeer were injured in the making of this card. ^_~

Printable bonus page 10

Merry Christmas!

sleigh ride

* I didn't invent "one-unicorn open sleigh". That's been around for over 30 years.

Okay, so I believe that since you are coming to a website whose main focus is predators, which eat other animals, that my drawing Santa's reindeer all gobbled up would not traumatize any of you. Yet, I got to thinking that the people you send them to might not appreciate our humor... So, here's one where the reindeer are fine and enjoying a little ride... ^_~

...now, the question is..: Can lions run faster than a mythical unicorn pulling a sleigh full of reindeer..?

Printable bonus page 11

~ new one 2019 ~

...took me a bit to decide on the reason for the claws marks on his back... ^_~

printable bonus page 40

claws marks

small pop-up card - Christmas

printable page 206  ~  Happy Christmas version

When I was making the small pop-up cards, a Christmas one came out, too. It was hard to wait to post it. ^_^

Check out other Christmas-themed pages through links at the top of this section.

small pop-up card - Christmas

Christmas lions

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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[I'm not a professional and have limited resources/access. I make the printable images to be around 8x11 inches to fill a sheet of regular letter-size paper when printed. Coloring pages may be printed from here and made copies of for non-profit, free-of-charge use only. Plant seeds! ^_^]

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