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God Save The King!

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"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." - A.A. Milne

pop-up lion teamwork

printable page 199 - Happy Birthday
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^,^ A little extra fun for this one. October birthdays are the best, and International Snow Leopard Day is coming up, so he just couldn't be left out. ^_~

I didn't intend to, just drew something fun, but with the two male lions together it's a good time to talk about male lion coalitions. Young male lions get ousted from their birth prides when they reach sexual maturity. This prevents inbreeding and spreads genes around. Brothers and cousins often stick together as they go off to make their way in the world, forming a "coalition". Though, male lions that have never met before may also come together into a coalition. Seems like the usual number together is two to four, but it varies. Sticking together gives them a better chance of taking over and protecting their own pride. ...like from non-native species smart alecks... ^,^

great egret

Wahoo! ^_^ A few more great days last week. There were TWO great egrets at the reservoir, and they were fishing near one of the blue herons. ^_^

And, I finally got a shot of a heron in flight. YAY! ^_^ I've always loved seeing them take off: Skinny stick of a bird, then *whoosh* pteradactyl. I call them "herondactyl"s. ^_^

There's a couple of photos at the bottom of the page with the swan and blue heron together, as well as the swan and great egret together. They're both good-sized birds, but the herons are very slight in comparison.

I got a few nice clear shots of the swan - and the ducks, finally! I could never get close to the very shy ducks, but I guess the swan's presence made them feel more secure. Notice how they kept him distinctly between us. ^.^

You can learn more about swans at Trumpeter Swan Society, which mentions about how they get brown heads.

blue heron


That swan is so funny. ^,^ I thought he was sleeping as I sat and merrily took my time to get the phone and binoculars to line up and focus for a nice crisp shot. It wasn't until I got home and saw it bigger on the computer that I noticed his little eye watching me watching him. ^o^ And here I'd thought I'd been so clever by using the binoculars instead of walking closer... ^.^

You may notice the swan's head is now brown. I wondered about it, so looked it up and found out that iron-rich water will stain the heads of white bottom-feeder birds. It's not a seasonal color change. Unlike birds like herons, which just dart their heads underwater for a moment, bottom-feeders have their heads underwater for long periods of time, and we have a lot of iron-rich water in our region. You may have seen rusty stains in sinks or toilets. With the reservoir's water level so low, it's more concentrated there now.


Well, the interference isn't going away, and constantly fighting a bad signal is exhausting and not conducive to a fun mood. You gotta' pick your battles. I've linked to plenty of sites already that you can explore for information on whatever I post about, so this is the last post with specific links for awhile. Rather than getting frustrated with bad signal, I'm just going to focus on drawing and getting them uploaded, and try to check email once in awhile.

This week is an almost psychedelic zebra theme. ^_^ There are three main species, with two already endangered and numbers significantly declining in the other one.

You can learn more about them at Africa Wildlife Detective , NatGeo Kids and Kruger Park.

printable page 200
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dizzying zebras

I've also added spotted-heart versions to the hyena, cheetah, giraffe and leopard cards on the July-Sept page.

swan and blue heron

2021Sept - I was finally lucky enough to get a shot of a heron in flight, and I also got one of him with the swan. ^_^ I've often tried before, but they're too fast for me to get my phone lined up with the binoculars. This day, I happened to have already had it out, experimenting with shots of the swan, when two blue herons flew right between us - and then back across, too! ^_^ Again, not the greatest of photographs, but they're not indistinguishable blurs or with their wings at an angle that makes them look like just a line in the air. I am so thrilled. ^_^

Before that fun, one of the great egrets flew into an area behind the swan where I could get both in frame at the same time. Not very clear, but you can see how the swan is a very solid, roundish bird, while herons are, well, skinny sticks of a bird. Two very different white birds.

swan and great egret

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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