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God Save The King!

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"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new." - Socrates


Printable page 165

The original was plain, but then I thought, "This is Unicorn we're talking about..." ^,^

lalala ^_^ Just going to stick in here about "diamond dust" snow. When conditions are right, even with a clear sky you get glittering snow crystals in the air. I'd heard of it being common in Hokkaido, Japan this time of year (Jan//Feb), and got to experience it, right here, in person in 2019. ^_^ Clear blue sky but a soft fall of diamond sparkly snow wafting down. So beautiful and unique! ~ Smithsonian has a clip of some in Yellowstone Park.

"Hindsight is 20/20." ^_~

Brighten the new year by checking out Choose Hope to explore the many ways you can join the Kevin Richardson Foundation in helping wild lions and other wildlife.

~*~ Happy New Year! ~*~

Wow. God really knows how to time things. I had not originally planned on finishing this particular drawing for this week's post, but I kept feeling almost pushed toward it. Then, taking a break after the final touches, I turned on the tv to catch World News Tonight, and it all fell into place.

Democracy is not about brute force, either. The violence that happened at the U.S. Capitol tonight was undemocratic, unAmerican and uncivilized. And certainly not in good spirit. We teach our children better than that, and I will reinforce it for our youth here: It is NOT right to threaten or attack others when you disagree with them. The principles for stewardship and conservation, a desire for peaceful cohabitation, certainly applies to how we treat our fellow humans, as well.

"Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness." - James Thurber

"Respect for ourselves guides our morals. Respect for others guides our manners." - Laurence Sterne

"True strength is not about brute force: It's a power of spirit."
- GSTK ;p

A little New Year reflection: Since the birth of my site 3.5 years ago, I've received just two messages. And that's awesome ^_^ For every one that comments, there's a multitude that feel the same and simply express it by coming back for more. ^_^ I didn't make this site to earn likes or shares or messages for myself. I do it because I love to share about nature and to brighten other people's days with simple fun, while raising awareness (and hopefully some funds ^_^) for lions and wildlife. As far as I can tell, there's about 100 regular visitors. And that is super awesome. ^_^ Hi everyone! I would have never dreamed of connecting with that many in the community, and I'm really humbled and grateful and tickled that my layman's drawings and posts are enjoyed by you. Just knowing you're out there, that I can raise awareness with others no matter how many, is compliment enough and plenty of encouragement to keep posting (no matter what life throws at me ;p). I don't have money or power, but I have spirit and faith. Cheers to another year of fun and learning and working to preserve our wildlife! ^_^

And something that's been on my mind: The best way to know what someone is thinking, or how they feel about something, is to speak to them directly, rather than make assumptions that they know what you think they do. I have a pretty vivid imagination (obviously ^,^), so I keep that in mind and try not to read into anything. ...too much. ;p Being a strong personality, only people who are strong, too, are going to get close. Like, if Kevin quaked in his boots, he wouldn't fare very well with the animals at his Sanctuary. His strength is in his good character and respectful, nurturing nature, his calm amidst the strong, his power of spirit. It's why our trio feel at home with him. ^_^

true strength is not brute force

Printable page 166

mischief preserved

For space-filler, and some cheer, I'll share this painted rock I made from the Christmas mischief of GSTK bonus page 16. ^_^

"At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lit the flame within us." - Albert Schweitzer

...a little break between mischiefs...

Printable page 167

Printable bonus page 59

lion tree

We've had a run of beautiful sunny days in the middle of winter, and it drew out a serene summer scene. If you don't remember: While it's winter here in the northern hemisphere, over at the Sanctuary in the southern hemisphere it's summer. And, feeling sunshiny, I remembered this quote and how well it fit for me, this site, these characters. So, I put them all together. ^_^

Before I had stumbled upon a couple of old documentaries featuring Kevin, I had had no idea wild lions were in trouble and had never even heard of mass-breeding captive lions for money and snakeoil. His genuine and energetic nature had inspired me to go online and learn more about lions, and his site and media set me on an enlightening journey, further inspiring me to speak up and spread awareness in my own way. God put it on my heart to advocate for the King of Beasts, and Kevin was the spark that lit the flame that birthed this site, giving my passion for wildlife a bright focus and drawing me into realms of my creativity I hadn't known were there. And I am so grateful and am loving this journey and those who share it with me and wish I was in a position to do more. I don't want to see the King of Beasts become just a myth. ...though, I may, from time to time, tease about making a new animal king... ;p (my ulterior motive ^o^)

This tree of lions was originally planned for the Lions on the Loose series, but it was taking too long to figure out how to approach it. So, I had put it aside and just now got back to it. You can leave it on the page, or cut it out and attach to an empty toilet paper roll to stand up. Remember not to make the line of glue too wide.

Here are a bunch of examples of live lions in trees: Africa Geographic has an article with photos ~ BBC Earth has a video of a lion getting stuck in a tree ~ the Jouberts have a few with firsthand insight: lion in tree , lioness in tree , and videos of lioness climbing tree and cub in tree ~ even Kevin and the Kevin Richardson Foundation have shared lions in trees: lioness in tree , vid of lioness in tree , sleeping lion in tree (that belly just gives me a giggle ^,^) , sleeping lioness in tree , this doesn't count , neither does this (that looks like the tree grew out of him ^,^). There were a couple more I remember, but I couldn't find them all.

Another cool winter phenomenon I recently read about is really cool and unique and I'd never heard of it before: Hair ice. ^.^ See and read about it at The Guardian ~ BBC Earth ~ BBC (recent) ~ Washington Trails ~ Weather.com ...

Every year, WCTL accepts donated Valentines to pass out to seniors and others who could use some extra cheer. If you're local and would like to help out, check out the Healing Hearts program on their site. (and they don't need envelopes ^_^)

These Valentines are sized to fit in a regular letter envelope, if you want to use one. You can glue your colored pictures onto red or pink construction paper, or card stock, to make them sturdier and more colorful, or even turn them into a folding card with colored paper base. ~ I've made separate versions of white folding cards that you can print out. Only one would fit per page that way, though, so there's a cut-out one with each, as well, to avoid wasting all that space. ~ single / folding cards: lion ~ snow leopard ~ hyena ~ Also, I've made versions with all lion , all snow leopard , all hyena , in case you prefer one.

wildlife valentines

Printable page 168

Find previous Valentines on the GSTK Cards page.

Bob Ross

( 20mi creek in Sept )

You can click on it for a larger view.

2021Jan21 ... Forgot to put in links for the previous years' Valentines, and thought I'd put a note in here while updating the page... A post of Kevin's used a phrase that poked a pet peeve of mine (not at him ;): I have family who say everything is "doom and gloom". That exact phrase. What I take in simply as information, they go into a froth about "doom and gloom". It's pretty frustrating - and tiring. ^_~ ...And being so negative, they become part of the doom and gloom. ^.^ They need to watch more lionwhispererTV. ^_~ Glad we have positive vibes out there.

"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem." - Theodore Rubin

If all you focus on is the negatives, that's all you'll see - whether something is actually negative or not.

That's not a way I would want to live. My mom was terminally ill and was never negative about even that. She always focused on the light. Do you interpret a photo of a majestic mountain as beautiful and inspiring? or do you think only of avalanches and unattainable heights? Do you look at this photo of a hyena and think 'ewww a smelly no-good scavenger'? Or do you think it's adorable and notice its cutesy upsidedown-heart nose?

I try to not be negative even when posting about negative things, and hope I help others focus on the light and see even negative things as useful stepping stones to growth. If you're surrounded by 'doom and gloom', use it to show your light. ^_^ (like Kevin ;)

...the computer trouble... The pc I have is a laptop that doesn't have space for all the huge updates Windows wants to forcefeed it. It also overheats easily, so I need to keep an icepack under it. ^.^ I thought I had finally got it to stop trying to force updates behind my back, but alas... I've thought I'd fixed it before, only to suddenly be running on fumes and find it had re-enabled itself. *sighhhh* I never even use most of the stuff it wants to jam on here. I don't game or anything, just pretty much word processing in notepad and some simple photo stuff. Even my phone is a simple minute phone, and I tell people to text because it uses less minutes - and no files or links, and it can't even do emojies. ^.^ It drives them nuts. ^,^

Anyway, still fighting it and still can't scan, so here's a photo to tide you over. Climate change is real, and it is damaging. You only have to look around you. When Lake Erie doesn't ice over in the winter, the shorelines and peninsula get pounded. Even in the summer, they've been taking a real beating. Even the trees can't stand up to it and many have fallen. You may think that doesn't effect you, if you don't live near a shoreline, but it's a sign of the greater picture. If you smell smoke, you don't question it: You know there's a fire. Be a steward of the Earth. ^_^

falling down

You can click on it for a larger view.

[Yeah, my phone is an actual phone, not a mini computer phone-wannabe. ;p It can't even do emojis. ^o^ Just does weird things when someone tries to send one. Made me think how maybe emoji-generation visitors wonder what these ^_^ strange symbols I use in my posts are... ^o^ (that is a laugh ;p) I guess >^.^< is an ancient language... We must not let it die out! ^_~]


Printable page 169

This scan program seems ok. ^_^

I remember a python hunter in FL (on tv) declaring, "I'm gonna' get a lion cub!" ... yeah? Then what? Just absolutely no thought to it other than he thought it'd be cool. So, let's put some thought into it: Big expenses for feeding, specialized veterinary care, shelter, large and extra secure enclosures and their upkeep... Well, if you care about quality of life for the animals. ^.^ I've never been drawn to exotic "pets", because they really aren't pets.

There's a much easier and safer way to have a really cool captive predator in your family.

One that never gets bigger than those cute, cuddly lion cubs.

We've already made it so that we can enjoy the company of "wild cats" without the dangers - to us, or them! - and without compromising quality of life. They even come in some really cool patterns and colors. ^_^ Housecats are always cub-size, and they're much cheaper to feed and care for. ^_~ Also, housecats are descended from those cool wild cats everyone loves. No, I don't see any sense in perpetuating large captive predators. And spay your housecats, everyone! ;p

Gelada monkeys are also known as "lion baboon". Male gelada monkeys look like lions with their big manes and tassled tails, especially when in motion and showing their big teeth. Geladas also have longer snouts, resembling baboons, but they aren't a baboon species. They are a unique monkey species that only lives in the high grassy mountains of Ethiopia. They also have a unique relationship with a predator: The Ethiopian wolf (only about 500 left in the wild!) seem to use the grazing monkeys as camouflage, in order to catch the rodents that the monkeys' activities stir out of hiding. (like lawnmowers stir up insects - we'd had tree swallows swoop around us to catch grasshoppers while we mowed ^_^) The geladas have learned to not fear the wolves, and they peacefully cohabitate.

Also, like lions, geladas have groups of females with young with a dominant male. (They're called a troop, flange, or congress.) Younger males are chased out when they start to mature and then live in bachelor groups with other young males until they become strong enough to take over a female group. Unlike lions, different troops often come together into large bands to graze and interact. ~ Read more about gelada monkeys at Smithsonian and AWF.

"Mountains" (full ep) from the Hostile Planet series has great footage of gelada monkeys. (and just so happens to have snow leopards in it, too *giggle*) - oo, and KRF even used a photo of one in a post about how caring for our environment affects our own well-being.


Printable page 170

"bleeding heart monkey"
Should have used this with the monkey Valentines, last year. ^_^

social bonding

Printable page 171

Lots of animals groom each other to help each other clean hard to reach places, rid each other of parasites and to bond. It's really important in lion prides, and you see them doing it a lot. The lions at the Sanctuary even groom Kevin. ^,^

Ah! A little late, now, I forgot I also have pop-up cards with hearts that you could use for Valentine's Day!


Printable bonus page 60

Hyenas have distinct vocalizations and one sounds like a cow lowing. I used it for fun in the poem, but it's actually not one they use for fun. ^.^ You can hear one of the Sanctuary hyenas doing it a bit in this video. ~ Aha, found the one that shows it a little longer.


ice sculpture

Here are lions you can cut out and attach to jars, like the Christmas stocking one, but use year round. Remember to just use a line of glue that you center the lion on, lining up the bottoms.

They can hold pencils, paint brushes, candy, hair ties... whatever fits. ^_^ Though, you could just leave them on the page and color in some background, or attach them to empty toilet paper rolls to just have them stand up.

Printable page 172

...and ^.^ uh... I washed my phone. ... lol

I had to be in a public space for a length of time, and I'm high risk. So, when I got home, I changed at the door and threw it all right in the wash. Of course, I emptied all the pockets except the one with the phone in it. ^,^' ... No phone for a couple days, while I let it dry out and hope I don't need to buy a new one. Just one of those things you think will never happen to you, right? ^_~

Look what coolness (and literally! ^o^) I came across while out - a sea unicorn ice sculpture. ^_^ That would be nice for more parks to do.

World Pangolin Day is the third saturday of every February (2021Feb20). There's lots more links out there, but this page is late as it is... ^.^

Pangolin's are basically armor-plated anteaters. They're endangered, and mainly because of human dangers. They are the world's most trafficked animal. That means that they are killed and transported to other Countries for their parts, mainly their scales for Asian markets.

Like rhino horns, pangolin scales are merely made of keratin - the same thing as our hair and nails. Keratin doesn't hold any magic cures, and if it did, there are much nicer ways of obtaining it. There's no need to kill off entire species of animals for it.

In other news... I did need to buy a new phone. All the more reason I'm glad it's just a cheapy regular one. ^_~ The new one seems able to handle basic emojis, though. So, maybe people will be a little less annoyed with me. ;p

armor-plated anteater

printable page 173

wildlife craft

printable page 174

This one is a couple more pictures you can cut out, if you like, to attach to a jar for a decorative holder, or to an empty toilet paper roll to stand up. Remember to just run your finger over a line of glue up the center and line up the bottoms - oh, and when attaching to a jar you've covered with plain or decorated paper, attach the picture so that it covers the seam.

...the animals may not all be to proper scale - I didn't check as I went along, and didn't want to erase anything later... ;p

I had also planned to put all four hyena species together, but the space is too narrow. So, I'll do the striped hyena and aardwolf later.

I'd used some misunderstood wildlife in the last page, like spiders, reptiles and vultures. They're all important for a healthy environment. Spiders and snakes help keep insect and rodent pests in check, and I've been wanting to do a vulture page for a long time.

Vultures are "Nature's cleaning crew". Without them, things get unpleasant pretty quick. They're actually givers of life, rather than harbringers of death.

Areas where vultures get eliminated, often from poisoning by humans, soon experience deterioration of their inhabitants and ecosystems - and humans are not immune to the effects.

Efficiently cleaning up carcasses, vultures keep predators from over-congregating and helps prevent the spread of rabies. Also, vultures' digestive systems can break down diseases like anthrax, cholera and botulism - keeping them from spreading, too, and even from spreading to humans in the area. They're an essential part of a healthy environment.

See vultures from around the world, and learn more about Africa's vultures.

egg hunt

printable page 175

Check out the GSTK Cards page for Easter cards and links to other Easter pages.

^_^ A little additional post...

You can see an example of what happens when glaciers recede in this photo. This cool bit of glacial action was at 20 Mile, today. ~ Please, still be cautious around the ice dunes, even though they're shrinking.

This fallen tree had been under ice on shore. As the ice melted, it left the top of the tree strewn with rocks and pebbles - just like glaciers do to the landscapes they travel across, only those leave bigger rocks. It looked really cool and even pretty. ^_^

That looks like dirt underneath the trunk, but it's thinly covered ice. ^,^ Even though the day was unseasonably warm, you could feel the cold of the ice in the air when sitting near it. That's all ice along there, not dirt piles. ^_~

Here's a different view. See how it filled all the nooks and crannies of the bark.

rock hunt

You can click on the image for a larger view.

egg whimsy

printable page 176

This whimsical egg was inspired a couple of years ago by a photo of Livy and Ginny that Kevin captioned "joined at the hip". They weren't cuddled up like this or covered in flowers, though... ^_~

...only took me two years to finish it... ^.^'

I actually like it better without the whisker dots.

This year, Easter is April 4th.

Hoppy Easter! ^_^

lions around town

Forgot to get a shot of these, when I was doing the Lions Around Town a while back. They're a bit different style of lion on the north side of town. (you can click on the photo for a larger view)

2021Jan8 - ...speaking of different styles of lions ^_~... Came upon the new KRWS video while it premiered with a chat on the side, but you need to create a channel in order to chat or even leave a regular comment. ;_; I've had housecats with Gabby's personality and absolutely loved them. ^_^ ...blood and destructions notwithstanding... ^,^ They are such lovable and outrageously fun characters to me. ^_^

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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