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"For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." - Vincent Van Gogh

enrichment walk

Printable page 177

...There's some of Kevin's photos that I couldn't help but caption for my own amusement. Some are really funny, so I decided to share them this way. ^_~ As we shouldn't post other people's photos, especially when we're being naughty with them, I'm turning some into sketches.

I can't link to the original posts, right now, but maybe later I'll come back through and add the links. In the meantime, you could treat it as a sort of scavenger hunt. ^_~ Go back through Kevin's and the Foundation's old posts to see if you can find which one I sketched.

[My pc still acts like it's running on fumes, even though I finally stopped the autoupdate nonsense and have gigs of free space. So, to conserve it, I'm not on it much - which means, not online much either. So, apologies, but while I can use it to upload new pages, I will still be lacking in links and can't keep up with anything. Haven't seen posts in more than three weeks. ;_; So, I've just been working on pages I had in mind before. I would say I hope they're not having too much fun without me, but, then, what would I have to look forward to? ^_~]

Livy and Ginny on the lookout! If you find the original photo in their old posts, you'll know if that's trees or clouds behind them. ^_~ He posted several photos from that outing, it sure was a pretty day!

Lions can't sweat, so you will often see them with their mouths open and slack when they're hot. They can exchange more air that way, keeping what's inside them cooler, but it also doesn't heat up on the way in like it does when you breathe through your nose. Any animal that can't sweat will pant when hot, and, interestingly, it does seem to be mainly predators that can't sweat. You've likely seen dogs panting. Birds pant, too: Though you may not think it of them, they're predators, too, and can't sweat, either.

I still check email once in awhile and found this new KRF fundraiser Protect the Pride. Check it out, and if you don't subscribe to the newsletter, you can read them at the KRF site.

enrichment walk

Printable page 178

Whew, finally worked out the striped hyena and aardwolf. I had hoped to get them together on one cut-out; but to show off their neat "sails", they really needed their own pictures. April 27 is International Hyena Day, so it was good timing to get this page done now. ^_~  Printable page 179

hyena rule

The spotted hyena, like the ones at the Sanctuary, are the largest of the four hyena species. Brown hyenas are a little smaller, and then the striped hyenas are smaller than the brown. The smallest is the aardwolf. They look a lot like the striped hyena but are only about twice as big as a housecat and are insectivores, eating mainly termites. - From what I remember reading, they don't dig for termites like other termite-eaters, they just lap them up from the ground.

Can't search for new links right now, and Instagram seems to now be refusing access to anyone without an account... which I don't understand, because only people who log in can cause trouble there. Why deny access to people who only look? Anyway, I had a few instagram hyena post urls saved in my old notes, but I can't check them now and don't like to link to info that people are forced to create accounts to look at. If you have an account, check out Africat Namibia (brown hyena climb trees to steal meat put out for leopard camera traps), Kim Wolhuter, and, of course, KRWS and KRF for hyena posts. There's lots of spotted hyena at the Sanctuary, and they have two striped hyena, too. KRWS facebook , KRWS youtube, KRF facebook.~ ^.^ The Jouberts also have posted about the different hyena on instagram: Beverly , Dereck. Found a page with lots of aardwolf info.

May 3rd is Endangered Species Day. I was going to wait on posting this Siam page and draw something specific, but then I realized it's a pretty good page for Endangered Species Day: Whoever put that graffiti up there shouldn't have stuck around to take a picture of the look on his face... ^,^

Now, this one is a screenshot from the KRWS youtube channel in December. Super Smeller- Siam: I'd been looking for shots of those nice, clean, unadorned walls and had taken screenshots of a couple back then. This one happened to have Siam in it with that great expression. ^,^

Have you noticed that even black-maned lions have a "crown" of lighter hair around their faces? I wonder if that golden crown is part of why lions were originally considered the King of Beasts. ^_^

...added a few more links to the hyena post above...

who could have done such a thing ^,^

Printable page 180

2021Apr28 - A little note that it is not only extremely improper to go through or take other people's mail, it is a crime. Mine gets tampered with an awful lot, if I don't get to it as soon as it's delivered. Today was yet another day of it being obvious someone had been in my box and yet there's no mail. It is someone who has no boundaries, and I've caught him reaching for my box before, but I'm not playing the "she said, he said" game. If anyone has seen him do it, please let me know, gstk83@catlover.com, or tell the police.

beaver lodge

...later update...

not a beaver

The other day, I had another great experience at the reservoir. I was just riding in, waiting to get to the shade before I'd get off and have a nice leisurely walk around the perimeter, when a little head at the overflow side's bank caught my eye. I thought it was a baby groundhog, but it turned tail and dived right into the water - and had a cute little beaver tail on its backend! So cute! I've never seen a baby beaver before. ^_^ [and still may not have ^.^; see update below]

Of course, I just about skid to a halt and sat down, hoping that if I was real quiet it would resurface, and maybe I could get a photo. ... It was like watching for the Loch Ness Monster... ^,^ ... a teasing wake under the surface... a flash of headtop too quick to catch... and then it was apparent that it had determined I was going to stick around, so it settled down somewhere. I noticed this little lodge of theirs, and later heard chewing. So, I know it was in there! Teasing me... ;p

I had only ever seen one adult at the reservoir, before, and that was sheer luck, because he's very skittish. You see signs of him all over the place, though. I'd never seen one in person, before that, and they sure are big in person! ^.^ So cool to see a baby one and to know there's a little family of them there.

later update..: Well, while I was out there today, I discovered that, alas, what I'd seen before may not have been a baby beaver, afterall. I thought I'd seen it again, on another side of the reservoir, so waited and managed to spot it again - only to find out it was a muskrat. ^,^; I got a clear view of this one's tail, and that was no beaver tail. I'd never seen a muskrat in person and didn't know there were any around here, so when I saw something before that was small and obviously not a groundhog, the only other option in my mind was a young beaver. That first sighting was fast and through grass. The tail was dark and wet, like a beaver's, but I hadn't actually seen the exact shape, so can't confirm whether it really was beaver or not. All the more reason for visitors there to keep an eye out for the little critters, just to see what's really what out there. ^_~ (muskrat vs beaver info at Edmonton Land Trust and reconnectwithnature.org)

Another bit of fun... I was heading out there yesterday and, at the top of a long steep hill, decided to try a different road that looked like it went in the same direction. ...hahahaha... ^,^ It did for about half a mile, then it curved and took me in a 3 mile arc back around to the bottom of that big hill I had just traversed... ^.^;

It's a nice rural road, though, and I got a bit of fun pulled on me by a whitetail: I was passing a field next to a house, and not far in from the road was a very stately posed deer statue. I thought it was really well-done, very life-like, weathered fur look. And then the ear twitched. ^o^; But then it was so absolutely still again, I could have imagined that twitch. As I neared it, it finally stamped and pivoted and lightly bounded off. I'm sure it was giggling. ^_~ [Realistic deer statues are common in yards in PA. Hunters even often mistake them for the real thing. ^.^]

Phone's photo quality sucks, but still putting them in for illustration. A couple weeks ago, there were clusters of egg sacks all over in one of the narrow side pools along the western trail. A week later, the water there was full of thousands of tadpoles. ^_^ There's still some egg sacs visible, if you hadn't noticed them before. Slimey blobby oval masses - when I first noticed them, I thought they were odd mushrooms growing under the water. Glad I took a closer look. ^_^ Some people just go there to walk and gab and have no clue what's right next to them. ^_~

tadpole eggs


the perfect accomplice

Printable page 181

Considering what Gabby really does to things she finds on her walks, it actually makes her the perfect accomplice! No one would ever suspect her! ^_~ (I noticed the 'O' in SNOW looks like her tongue, "Oh, I should fix tha- lol No, it just makes it more fun!" ;p)

I just love her personality. Did you realize she was the inspiration for bonus page 34? There was a video of her on a walk sharpening her claws and in a split-second launching herself at Kevin. I've had housecats just like her and saw it coming with the "can't contain myself" energy of her. ^,^ Poor Kevin, but it is so funny, and I can't help but think of Charlie Brown and how everything gets knocked off him. There's a clip of it at the beginning of this compilation.

Ah, if unicorns could get passports, there would be such trou- uh, I mean perfectly professional, totally mature, absolutely no mischief whatsoever. (...If anyone believes that, you must be new... ^,^)

I admire how Kevin can walk and talk and not get out of breath. I'm not a good speaker, even when standing still. ^,^ I don't exactly stutter, but I've come to understand that my mind is quicker than my mouth, making me occasionally stumble over words or say the later part of a sentence first and mixing up how it comes out. When it happens, some people give me weird looks, and maybe I don't seem very smart to them. ^.^ I was a quiet child, and obviously bright, so if it was ever noticed, no one ever thought of it as an impediment to address. I can identify with President Biden in that respect. Many people don't even realize he's overcome a stutter. It still comes out once in awhile, and a lot of people twist things they don't understand. In reality, our minds are just too quick for them to follow. ;p

Maybe being a poor speaker is part of why I love writing and drawing so much. ^_^ We should all do what comes naturally out of our hearts and not worry about fitting other people's dictates.

~*~ I've added a new section: GSTK Activities. Trying out jigsaw puzzles you can do online, as well as collecting together other activity type pages I've done and adding new ones. ^_^

natural crowns

Printable page 182

Of course, when I mentioned a couple posts ago about lions having natural crowns, this page was an instant given. ^_~

abandonment sucks

I feel we are at a point where we need a Trap & Release program here. I don't have a car or money, so all I can do is bring it up and hope someone can act on the information. Erie has a group there, Erie Trap & Release, if anyone is interested, perhaps they'll help you get started. I emailed them for information, myself, but probably won't hear back until monday. With Trap & Release, adult abandoned / feral cats are caught in live traps, spayed/neutered and vaccinated, then released back where they were caught. NO KILLING. Kittens that are caught are adopted out. (The adults usually are too afraid of close contact with people to be adoptable.) If anyone sets a program up here, let me know and I'll post your contact information.

Decided to make this a post... In the past year, our neighborhood has become overrun with wandering cats. I believe that someone let a litter go wild last year, and now they're multiplying. No one in the surrounding houses owns these cats, yet we get to deal with their poo and listen to them fight. Right now, it's tolerable, but when this "one litter" becomes thirty cats marking and fighting..?

On friday, I came home from a long ride to find we had this lost kitten in our back yard (photo). What we presumed was the mother had ran off and wouldn't come back because it was too busy. This is the middle of town full of dangers, not a farm. We opted to let someone take the kitten in, as it would need a home anyway. Later, there were more kittens in a neighboring yard, with a different adult with them. A few of the kittens didn't look so good, so someone took the litter to care for. The mother acts feral, as I believe at least most of these cats are.

I really wish the mother would have let us catch her, too. I felt horrible taking her kittens from her, but the reality is that feral cats don't live a glamorous carefree life. They get sick and suffer. They get injured and suffer. They have no care and no vet care. And, NO, there is nothing "natural" about it. This is not the wild. These animals were domesticated and are our responsibility.

Spaying your pet is such a simple thing and prevents countless deaths and suffering. There are NOT enough homes for them all, and letting them run feral in the streets certainly is not giving them a quality of life. Let's be better stewards, people.

Update tuesday: Erie Trap & Release would come out this far for a $125 per cat fee. I called a local vet, and oh my the prices have risen since I was doing this myself years ago. Of course, I had a great country vet who gave me discounts because I gave them so much business. (I was paying about $75 per spay and $50 per neuter, if I recall. That's what I did with my money when I had it. ^_^ Not interested in material things.) There are vets who would charge less, but in general, a spay now costs about $200 and vaccinations could add another $60. If we have the Erie group expand out here, they're still $125. So, this is definitely something the community needs to be on board with. If a lot of people help, the cost on any one person shrinks. While people think of it as someone else's problem and hope it will go away on its own, more litters will be born and grow up feral and the problem will grow. A lot of people expressed so much concern for that one little kitten. Is that all talk? I hope not. ^_^ If anything, the community could set up a fund to encourage and help people to spay their pets, so there aren't unwanted domestic animals being left to go feral in the first place.

Alley Cat Allies has good information, too.

Conservation Word Search

Biological Diversity Day is May 22, and I've created a few activity pages to help you practice those big words. ^_^

I just picked what I felt were the most common words in conservation and simplified the definitions a bit, since this is a kids site. They're still pretty big words, though, so younger visitors will need help. Find the other pages in GSTK Activities. Have fun! ^_^

Learn about the importance of biodiversity - and what it is - at The Guardian ~ Global Issues ~ Biological Diversity ~ WHO.

Conservation Word Search 1

There's always little chunks of blacktop / pavement along the edges of paved roads. Well, tuesday morning, I'd just got to the reservoir and was heading to the second driveway, when something about a particular little chunk made me think "turtle". Even while my mind was saying, "Nah, couldn't be", I stopped on a dime and went back to doublecheck. By golly, it was a tiny baby turtle! ^_^ About the size of a 50cent piece, everything mostly tucked in, same dark color as little blacktop chunks, the shape of the shell had caught my eye as not road debris. It seemed okay. I don't know what it was doing on that side of the road - I don't think the turtles nest over there. Maybe a bird or something had carried it off and dropped it. Anyway, it was baking there (and in danger of being squished by cars ^.^), so I ferried it to the edge of the reservoir water.

Later, along the trail, I saw a really big turtle surface for a breath. It had a curiously giraffe-like shell - brownish orange shell sections with white outlines. It went back under before I could get my phone out to try for a photo. Last time I was out there, crowds of small turtles were lined up on their customary logs by the beaver pond. That's the size I always see, but today I didn't see any of those and instead was treated to a teeny tiny one and big huge one. ^_^ ...Turtles everywhere, and May 23 happens to be World Turtle Day. ^_^

baby turtle

baby turtle

play safe

I started this one over a year ago. ^,^ Finished it to go along with this big long text post... ^_~

Printable bonus page 62

Printable page 183

New Big 5

If you remember from past posts, they were taking votes on what the "New Big 5" list should be - a list of the best animals to photograph, rather than a list of the most dangerous to hunt. The results are in, and Snow Leopard didn't make it on. ;_; But I think that's just because it's so difficult to get up into their high-elevation ranges and find them - as in, most people are just too wimpy to go photograph them. ;p Only the strongest souls connect with snow leopards. They are the King of the Mountains, afterall. ^_~

Years ago, I found that May 30 is International Hug A Cat Day and June 4 is "National" Hug "Your" Cat Day. Yet, now I can't find anywhere at all listing "International Hug A Cat Day"... So, was there ever really one? Whatever the case, Snow Leopard sure could use one... ^_~

Finally was able to get vaccinated against Covid-19. ^_^ With all my allergies and an adverse reaction to a vaccine in the past, I wanted to talk to a real person and be able to pick which one I got. Yet, everywhere was automated systems just passing you around, saying to call a different number or go read a website - which are all just generalized info and not what I needed. (especially when you're on a minute-phone!) Now, that it's settled down, I was finally able to talk to a real person to make sure it would be okay for me to get this. Even then, I'm only risking it once, and needed one within walking distance at a place that let you choose, so was glad to find Rite-Aid here had the one dose J&J - and no automated-system-appointment necessary. Just walk in. ^_^

The good advice I got was to keep that arm moving around so the vaccine didn't sit in one place. So, while waiting the 15min, I did shoulder rolls. Then, after I got home and changed, I went for a bike ride, waving my arm about above my head (when there weren't any cars around, so they wouldn't think I was signaling something ^,^). At first, my arm kept getting more sore and feeling weak, but by the end of the ride, that was fading. Last time I got a vaccine, I couldn't move my arm for three days. So, this was a good sign. ^_^

Day 2 : Developed body aches overnight. Get up and moving around! I went for a short 10mi bike ride, but even that proved a bit ambitious. ^,^ Moving around really eased the aches, but I started feeling a bit weak at the halfway point and was a little wobbly by the time I got home. ^.^ The weakness worsened, the aches especially bad in my neck for some reason, so I took it easy the rest of the day and went to bed early. ...also some chills and low fever...

Day 3 : less than 24hrs ^_^ for the body aches and weakness. I thought I'd be one of the harder hit ones, so this is great. ^_^ Never even got any redness at the injection site. Last vaccine I got seized my arm up for three days, angry red and hot and like a baseball was under my skin (among other symptoms). So, having more allergies now, I was prepared to be harder hit, but you couldn't even tell where this injection was done. Yay ^_^

If you've been putting off getting the Covid-19 vaccine because the automated systems frustrate you, many places are allowing walk-ins now and have time to talk to you about your specific issues. - And when you get it, keep moving your arm around that day. ^_^ - And remember it takes 2-3 weeks to become effective: The paper I got says, "You're vaccinated - not a superhero." ^o^

ALSO - PLEASE be aware and considerate of others!!! Not everyone can get vaccinated against Covid-19 and will still need to be very careful for a long time to come (I thought I would be one of them and know others who can't) - and those around them will still need to be careful, as well. So, please, please, still refrain from invading other's personal space unless you know that it's okay. These are very real health issues. Like I mentioned before, my mother was getting cancer treatments, and people didn't take her vulnerability seriously. Please, be aware and considerate.

NOTES: Getting flu-like symptoms after getting the Covid-19 vaccine means your body properly reacted and will be ready if you're exposed to the virus. Also: Vaccines are a preventative - NOT a cure. Getting a vaccine after you're already infected won't cure you.

'Tis the season!


Even if you don't care about hitting the wildlife, SLOW DOWN so you don't hit or swerve into others - like lil ol' me - who do stop for them. (I hope that woman was wide awake after that near miss... ;p)

2021 goslings


Printable Wordsearch 2 by clues

I've uploaded more wordsearches with different difficulties. ...you might notice there's an extra phrase hidden in each one... ^_~

The other morning, I had a few more near misses, but of the fun animal kind. A groudhog dashed out in front of me, and while I was still moving and smiling at his pudgy mad dash across the road, BOO! a mini black panther pounced out of the tall grass right next to me. Good thing no cars were coming, 'cause I swerved a bit. ^,^ I know she lives there (across from that field), but she never stays visible long enough for me to get a photo, and this was no exception. It was the closest I'd ever gotten to her - or she'd gotten to me. ^_~

So, still merry about getting to see her, I turned onto another road. Just as I was about to wave at an oncoming tractor, WHOOSH! a whitetail streaked out of the vineyard on my side and across the road between us. ^,^ I've never seen a deer going so full out, low to the ground and all stretched out, and I have a new appreciation of how agile they are: It came from between vine rows that met the road on my side, but the rows on the other side run parallel to the road. Yet, somehow it disappeared without getting tripped up at all, slipped right through the wires and vines at that breakneck speed and -whoosh- gone. She had cut it pretty close, and luckily, there weren't any herdmates behind her, or there might have been a collision. ^.^ [Whitetail deer bound - they don't normally run.]

It's not a great start to the day to have an inattentive driver come within a hair of plowing over you. O_O An oversize white pick-up came to a stop sign I was in the process of passing, and apparently, rather than wait for an oncoming car to pass, he decided he was going to gun it across the intersection - while I was still in his path. His grill nearly impacted my elbow, and I thought for sure he was going to plow over my back tire, but somehow I skimmed by without feeling any contact. OMG How could he possibly have not known I was there??? Drivers, when you stop at a stop sign, you're supposed to check that it's clear before proceeding.

A couple miles up the road, I was feeling like I was still bracing for impact, when I pulled into the reservoir and was treated to this magic beauty that made all that go away. ^_^ Now, this was a large white object I was thrilled to have a close encounter with. ^_^ I've never seen swans out there before, so I don't know if he's been there before or not. He wasn't even very shy at all, but I still gave him space so he could relax. I followed him over to the boat launch and sat under a tree to watch him for probably half an hour. He did some extensive preening and took a little snooze and only spooked when someone brought their boat in. I walked around the perimeter and spotted him again on my way out, too far for a photo but with sun-sparkly water all around him and that arched neck... Ah, now that's a good start to the day. ^_~ ...the next day, he was hanging out with the geese.

swan at the reservoir

swan at the reservoir


Printable Word Match-up 1

I've uploaded a few word match-ups and mix-ups to the GSTK Activities page.

June 5 was World Environment Day. June 8 is World Ocean Day. June 9 is George Floyd Day, Black Lives Matter. (I thought it was National and wrote it on my calendar last year, but apparently just some areas declared it? - June 9 was the day of his memorial services.)

From majestic lions to microscopic bacterias - or plankton in the oceans, this site is about how all life matters, and human lives are no exception. I just cannot understand that in this day and age racism is still such a devastating issue. It's so backwards and counterproductive and just plain ignorant and mean. When is society going to grow up? Fighting each other is like chewing off our own limbs.

I was lucky to grow up around people where people were just people. No one made a fuss about skin color, and, really, it's quite silly to. Artistically, I love the variety, and variety is essential for healthy environments as well as healthy prospering societies. Coming together, inspiring each other, using our differences to compliment each other rather than work against each other, we achieve our greatest accomplishments. Let's value each other as well as wildlife. ^_^

snapping turtle mama

2021June13 - I heard that people saw a turtle laying eggs at the reservoir last week, but I'd missed it. However, on my ride this morning, I came across one laying eggs somewhere else. ^_^ So cool! ^_^ And my first snapping turtle in person, too. She was close to a road, so I checked if she were injured; but then I realized the odd movements she was making was the scratching motions mama turtles do. Not a very safe place for a nest, or for mama, so I moved off a bit to watch her with plans to make sure cars didn't hit her if she crossed the road when she was done. In the meantime, after half an hour, I checked on turtle egg laying time, and it said she could take a couple hours. ^.^

snapper mama

O-kayyy. ^.^ I decided to go on my ride before it got too hot, and came back around through there on my way home about an hour and a half later. She had just finished. ^,^ I was able to alert someone who lived near the nest, and he was grateful and is going to warn the others who live around there so it doesn't inadvertently get crushed by a mower. ^_^ I'm not saying where it is, because I don't want people bothering it. (they can take 3mos to hatch) If you know of any, or come across any, any wildlife nest, PLEASE RESPECT them and LEAVE THEM ALONE. ^_^ Thank you. (I put that in allcaps, because I overheard someone at the reservoir considering digging up the nest there. Please, don't.) - It was pretty cool to see a snapper walking, like watching a miniature dinosaur. ^_^

snapper mamaDecided to add some turtle tips..: First of all, if helping a turtle off of a road always move it in the direction it was headed. Otherwise, it might turn around and go right back out onto the road to try to get where it was going. It may seem counterintuitive to move them away from the side with the pond or other water source if they were headed away, but I know that box turtles travel all over the place and just found out that even snapping turtles, who rarely leave the water, will travel even a mile away from water to find a good sunny nesting spot. So, let them do their thing. - Also, if moving a snapping turtle, do not pick it up (unless absolutely necessary and you know what you're doing). Their necks are longer than you think, and they will defend themselves with a good bite. So, use a shovel to carefully carry it if you must, or just act as a crossing guard until it's made its own way across.

If you come across a turtle laying eggs or find a nest of turtle eggs, don't disturb it. Even digging it up just to look at the eggs can kill some of them: The mother buried them at just the right depth for incubation, and they need to stay in the same position, as getting turned over might dislocate the embryo.

Snapping turtles are another commonly misunderstood species. People hear about their powerful bites and think they look scary and fear them, but they're actually very good for their ecosystem. They help keep ponds clean and free of weeds and dead matter and actually shy away from humans in the water. Once a year, they'll come out to go lay eggs, and if you (and your pets) leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. Here's a few places for more information: Turtle crossings in PA ~ PDF file about snapping turtles ~ (Connecticut protects theirs) common questions and general info on snappers ~ Reptiles Alive ~ Wikipedia info.

Precious Gabalicious

Isn't Gabby precious? ...helping Kevin catch fresh tires for them to play with at home. ^,^ (this is from toward the end of Lion Vision 101)

The Kevin Richardson Foundation and Wildlife Sanctuary is now helping to raise five orphaned cheetah cubs to rewild in two years. The first 800 that support them monthly for the two years will get their name on a plaque; and all donations above what they need to care for the cheetahs will go for securing their surrounding habitat so they don't get poached, like their mother was, after they're released. So, even if you don't get your name on a plaque, donating will help ensure a continuing safe future for these cubs. ^_^

Printable page 184

Love the new Queen Geena image on the Sanctuary merch. Such a dear soul, she really is a queen. ^_~

The swan is still relaxing at the reservoir. ^_^ I'm glad he trusts that I don't want to hurt him. When he's on shore, he lets me pretty close without alarm, even when I have a bike. Today, I got a photo of him showing off his impeccable balance. ^,^

swan at the reservoir


Printable Crossword 2

Uploaded a few crosswords and link-ups to the Activities page.

the lion's lion

Printable page 185

I have other captioned images I wanted to do first, but since Bobcat's been posted a lot lately, and he's such a kingly king, I must pick on him. ^,~ (this is based off of a screenshot from youtube LionWhispererTV, "Mischief Maker - Gabby the Lioness")

The little buildings the animals can use for shelter are called "nightpens". Though, I'm not sure why, because I don't think they pen them all up in them at night... ^.^ The nightpens provide shade or shelter, but they also have many other uses. When the animals are fed in there, it cuts down on the amount of dirt or grit the animals might ingest. The nightpens can also be used to separate animals when needed, like when one is recovering from a sedative or when lions need to be loaded onto the transport vehicle in a certain order. Hyenas are sometimes loaded through there. It can also isolate animals for onsite veterinary care or for people to safely clean and maintain the enclosures. I can think of a few other uses, too. How many things have you seen them being used for? ^_^

July 4th note - I'm not one for large gatherings, but if you are and are going to use fireworks, Feet And Paws has some tips for pet comfort and safety with a printable pdf image link at the bottom.

youtube stalling

This is what YouTube gives me most days... a blank screen with that 'loading' circle going and going and going and not loading anything... ;_; So, I just gotta' keep checking to see if my service/reception is having a good day, and then I'll watch a few videos in a row - or as many as I can until reception drops out again... ^.^ I also can try facebook, and they at least make a temporary memory of the video - so, if it's choppy the first time, you can replay it and it will be smooth - but I don't have a facebook account, so I can only "like" them by using youtube. So, I often watch them more than once. Who doesn't, anyway? ^_~

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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Coloring pages may be printed from here and made copies of for non-profit, free-of-charge use only. ~ Don't have a printer? Out of ink? Libraries are typically happy to print things like this out for you. Some may charge a small fee, others will print a page or two at no charge. ~ Please do not hotlink to or use my images on other websites. Simply direct people to my homepage: godsavetheking.neocities.org , thanks! Plant seeds!

[I'm not a professional and have limited resources/access; so the image quality isn't very 'clean' on some, but they print/copy fine. I make the printable images to be around 8x11 inches to fill a sheet of regular letter-size paper.]

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