God Save The King!

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God Save The King!

"Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination." - Mae Jemison

People shouldn't put on others how they think the person should or must feel, or how they think the person should or must think. Be bold as a lion and don't let others drag you down into some superficial mold of their own imaginings. I had a poster with a quote that my mom loved and she thought was perfectly me, how I am, "Do not follow the common path. Go where there is no path and leave a trail." I am obviously not like others. I am me.

RIP Betty White

"Wilderness is harder and harder to find these days on this beautiful planet, and we're abusing our planet to the point of almost no return." - Betty White

Printable page 211

I found a photo of her visiting a zoo lioness through a glass barrier, and the look on her face is so sad. I don't know what situation, or conversation, was going on when that photo was taken, but it really stirred me, and I drew that one.

Betty White recently passed away, and I remembered from years ago that she had said she wanted to be remembered for her animal advocacy. Yet, out of 5 news sources I saw on tv, only one said more than a sentence about her advocacy for animals, and one very, very briefly mentioned it. Thankfully, there are many online who remember. I couldn't look much but managed to read a 2013 article from Smithsonian and a current article from Today, but also saw, in the search list clips, that apparently some extremists scorned her as 'not really loving animals', because she didn't demonize zoos. Well, I always wonder how much those extremists have actually done for animals, or have they just spent their time and money dictating and mudslinging? Because, among advocating for better treatment of captive animals and saving endangered species, Betty White greatly helped fund research for, and implementation of, ways to better the lives of captive animals and pets. ~ We don't all have to agree 100% on everything, and extremism (and mudslinging) is counterproductive rather than any help for anyone's cause.

With my bad connection, sites with any kind of auto-load video, which too many have these days, crash the browser (when the connection itself isn't completely kicking me off the Net), so I couldn't research more into her and don't know if she had any specific thoughts about the captive lion industry in Africa. Yet, I do know that she did not believe wild animals should be kept as pets, and I believe she would have been very against captive lion farms and canned hunting.

I've updated all the previous years pages with links to 2022 and had to chuckle at myself: In 2018 New Year, I was so amazed with myself for having done 25 pages and 17 bonus pages, and now, four and a half years in, I've done almost 300 (212 + 63 bonus)... Just: Wow.

Even, now, looking back over all these pictures, I'm still amazed at what's come out of me. Remember, I'm not a trained artist, I'm just a creative smart aleck. ^_~ Completely God's grace enabling me to express these bright inspirations so well. I often muse to myself that God has always had hold of me - even though, sometimes, it's by the scruff of the neck. ^,^

Let us not be weary in well doing in this new year. ^_^

Happy New Year

Printable page 210

zebra maze

Printable page 212

The ability of zebra stripes to be deceptive reminds me of human scams that were probably rampant during the holidays, so I thought this a good post to remind people to seriously look into organizations or fund drives before giving money and that I will never ask for money - for this site/me, or to be sent to me to donate. Always use the KRWS and KRF official sites for links to donate to them through.

Also, remember that many wildlife organizations are very generalized, with your money not actually going to the animal you specifically want it to, while the Kevin Richardson Foundation is focused on everything lions: welfare of wild and captive lions, lion habitat, wildlife that shares lion habitat, and even the rangers and communities that help conserve and protect lion habitat.

Losing the King of Beasts is a point of no return - for wildlife and ourselves - that I don't want to happen.

lion love

lion love

I was working on this Valentine's Day version of the small pop-up series I was doing, and was inspired with a bonus version that uses a heart-shaped card base. ^_^ You can use the heart on the print-out, or use the printed one as a pattern to cut a heart card base from colored paper. So, I also made a sheet of just the picture inserts that you can use if making multiple cards with colored paper bases.

With the printed one, you can color the heart card or leave it white. I left mine white and added different colored heart stickers inside. ~ Also, you have a little leeway in how high you place the picture inside: The white card example shows how the top middle of the picture can be a little above the card's top middle, as long as it all tucks in when the card is closed. On the red card example, I placed the picture as far down as you can without sticking out. Each gives just a little bit different look.

Check out GSTK Cards for other Valentines. There are also lots of heart pop-up cards that you can use for Valentine's Day.

And remember that WCTL has a Healing Hearts project every year that you can contribute homemade Valentines to. I believe they need them by Feb 7, this year, and, remember, those don't need envelopes. ^_^

Lion Affection
Happy Birthday ~ Thank You

printable bonus page 64 ~ picture sheet ~ blank

lion love

printable page 213

lion love

lovin' wildlife

I remember making pendant crafts like this when young. I still have one somewhere that I had made my mom (because she still had it ^_^) - pink with white paper cut-out lace around the edges. They can be used anytime, but they also make great Valentines. ~ There's space on the cheetah side that you could write in "Happy Valentine's Day", if you'd like to.

You could even glue these picture hearts to colored paper hearts that are a little bigger than they are, for a colorful border - and then use separately, or fold and glue together for the pendant.

Tips: When folding cut out hearts, I found it helpful to line up and pinch the bottom point of the fold, then the top point, and then press along the middle of the crease.

When gluing together thin paper, I like to use stick glue, but for heavier paper, sometimes I use regular paste or tacky glue.

Always align creases: The outer edges of the hearts don't need to exactly match. It doesn't really show, but after the project is dry, you can trim the edges a bit if desired.

When using nylon ribbon, pinch / crease the end being glued inside so it will lay flat while you work, and also put some glue between the ribbon strands there.

If taping the string or ribbon inside, leave some room above it so the heart seam can be glued together - as gluing over tape often doesn't stick.

lovin' wildlife

printable page 214

Always let dry before hanging. ^_^

Ooo, the pendants could even be hung on a Christmas tree as an ornament that shows your love of wildlife. I'll make a note to make more versions for then. ^_^

Well, since the giraffe maze ended up being used around Valentine's Day, I made the spots heart-shaped. Real giraffe spots vary greatly in size and shape and no two giraffe are the same. Some spots may even really be heart-shaped, but not to this extent. ^_~ I have a screenshot of a darker giraffe that has a lot of spots that look like maple leaves to me. (I love maples. ^_^)

More amazing: Giraffe spots act like air-conditioning, with a noticeable difference in temperature between their dark and light areas. Blood vessels under the dark spots dilate and dissipate heat, helping them stay cooler on hot days. Here's a video I linked before that mentions it, if you haven't seen it, yet.

GSTK maze fun

printable page 215

GSTK Snow fun

My little mountain range is almost taller than I am, now... ^,^; ...and the snow is still coming... I like a challenge and some good exercise, but my body is protesting that this is a bit much... ^.^

Some people act like they haven't lived in a snowy climate, before, so here's some etiquette tips: When you shovel your driveway, please don't pile it onto the sidewalk. (I was astounded at that! ^.^;) Help out fire departments by shoveling out any fire hydrants near you. If you want your mail, packages, or food deliveries, or for help to get to you without delay when you have an emergency, keep your walks and sidewalks clear. To be sure your street will get cleaned up by plows, obey the parking laws and "be part of the solution - not part of the problem". ^_~ Simple things that make big differences. ^_^

And a tip that's maybe a bit late for now: If you don't have a snowblower, or plow, don't wait for it to be a foot deep before you go shovel. Even my brother thought I was weird, but, when it's coming down heavily, I go out every couple hours, or sooner, and clean up - even though it gets covered up again right away. It's a lot easier when you can just push it to where you want to pile it, rather than killing yourself chipping away at foot deep snow. And if you can't shovel, yourself, pay a neighborhood kid to do it. ^_~

Animal Tip: Sometimes they climb up into engines for the heat and shelter. So, bang on your vehicle before starting it.

...I don't think Santa intended coal to be used to do more naughty things... Oh, just what will we do with them..? ^.^

printable page 216

Oh, oh, oh... ^.^

the mischief never ends ^.^

"The one excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever a man intends doing should be done by him with a whole-hearted and strenuous effort." - Chanakya

Or, as the trio from inside me would end that with a mischievous, "...can be learned from Lion is that We don't do things half-baked.", ^_^ from my natural inclination to the age-old phrase, "Something worth doing is worth doing right." They usually use chalk, but that just washes right off; so when this opportunity to put their mischief 'in stone', so to speak, presented itself, they just couldn't resist... At least they were nice and finished the green part, too. ^_~

printable page 217

One of my allergies is metal, and even gold has irritated my skin, but this precious gold heals hearts and souls. ^_^ Lions are the best kind of gold, so let's make sure we don't lose them. ^_^

On the metal kind..: When I was younger, I wore jewelry, but, with my active nature, it was always getting damaged or lost, or causing rashes. I still wear earrings, as long as they have surgical steel posts, but I recently lost my unicorn earring and haven't replaced it yet. (stupid winter headband must have pulled it out somewhere *sniffle*) I always wear two different earrings, so I think I'll find my other unicorn and hope to get a lion to pair with it. ^_^

(this drawing based off of a photo of Gabby)

true gold

printable page 218

little monster

When I got the gstk email address for this site, there were already a lot of people using it and I had to put a number after it. So, I chose 83, because it can look like eyes and a lion muzzle. ^_^ Long before that, though, I got a personal email account that had so many people using it that the site had suggested a large three-digit number to go after it. ^.^; I chose, instead, to be different and put a couple letters in front of it. ^_^

Though, I think some people don't realize the address is more. When we're reading, we can often miss things that our minds sort of "auto correct". I've missed a lot of typos that way, even after proofreading my pages over and over. When I find them later, I can't believe I had missed them! ^,^ I've even used a completely wrong word more than once, thinking one word but somehow typing a different one. When I come across them, I just fix them in the next site update.

Was looking for a different photo and came across this fun one and thought I'd share. ^_^ My mom and I liked to put small figures in our potted plants, like a plastic tiger from a zoo machine (he's in a jungle!), or toys from kids' meals, like this one. Well, one day last year, I noticed a leaf of her prayer plant had grown right into his mouth as it reached for the light of the window. ^,^ Mom would have got a big kick out of that and made some jokes I'm sure. ^_^

Restless, so sharing some photos of bright and colorful things to look forward to. It's almost Spring, here. ^_^ The World is a mess right now and all the more reason we need to stick together and keep hold of faith and light and knowledge that we will make the future better.

I was finally able to get my booster. ^_^ I was all prepared for a reaction similar to the first one, but there was hardly anything. I thought I might have got a dud ^.^, but the next day I got a slight fever, mild body aches and such for a few hours, so I feel better. ^_^ (Getting flu-like symptoms after a Covid19 vaccination is a good sign that your body will later recognize the virus if it tries to infect you.)

After such a mild winter last year, I'm getting a bit of cabin fever this year. I don't take my bike out when there's no space on the side of the roads (a lot of cars don't like to give bikes space as it is), or when they're covered in salt and chemicals (which will corrode your bike just like your cars). Last year, I was able to go out pretty often all through the winter, but this year we've had REAL snow - which I'm thrilled about, but I am eager to get back to exploring, now.

Maybe I'm more restless because, not only can I not go out and about to expend my energy, I can't occupy myself online watching and researching wildlife. I hope I can move soon to a place where my connection isn't interfered with; but, in the meantime, when the weather is drier and warmer, maybe I'll try taking my laptop on a ride until I get a clear signal. Then, I'll sit on the side of the road and binge watch LionWhispererTV. ^o^

I've thought of doing that before, but if something happens to my laptop, I can't replace it and would be completely cut off from the internet. Yet, I've gone without my fuzzy-face fix for so long, now, I'm willing to risk it. I better pack a lunch. ^o^

I also really miss having a yard to putter in and was reminiscing through old photos. One of my first big flowerbed projects was this one at my very first apartment ages ago. I turned that mudhole into a feast for the eyes that everyone loved. I'm eager to find someplace that'll keep me busy again. We can create beautiful things with love.

mud to flowers

love flowers

Could people please stop being indiscreet with my personal information?


No one should give out other people's information. It's not only disrespectful, it can be harmful.

animal tracks

deer tracks in snow

2022Feb26 What a beautiful day for finding tracks. ^_^ Here's some photos of whitetail deer tracks, squirrel tracks, goose tracks, and more feral kitty tracks. This is my first time seeing goose tracks! When I saw the first trail meeting the road, I had no idea what had made it. ^o^; Some weird winter snake with a muscle spasm?? ^,^ It didn't look like the lines were from one big foot, but I soon figured out that geese feet must not meet the ground flatly - like their footprints are so often depicted. What makes the tracks are their long toes - with a swish following along the middle that I believe is their tail brushing the ground (though I have summer photos that show them with the tail too high for that...). There was a goose on the other side of the road, so I went over there and got a nice shot of her trail - with a little extra in it that I didn't notice until I was looking at it on the computer... ^.^ lol

goose tracks in snow

goose tracks in snow

squirrel tracks in snow housecat tracks in snow

the last unicorn

printable bonus page 65

I've never liked bullies, and I've stood against a few big ones in my time. Even when I was little, I wasn't afraid of people bigger than me - and I'd let them know it. ^,^ Unfortunately, the World lets a lot of bullies get away with a lot. I've had a rough sketch of this scene from Peter S. Beagle's "The Last Unicorn" started for over a year. The animated movie came out while I was a kid, and that scene had immediately resonated with me - and never stopped. Now seemed to call for me to finally finish the sketch and post it.

You can knock me down, hurt me, even make me cry, but you can never cow my spirit nor defeat my soul.

Bullies are ultimately cowards. Why do you think they pick on those who are littler than they are? They may seem to win at the time, but, ultimately, the loss is theirs. Our own worst loss is if we let them take who we are. So, stand strong and keep faith.

"When life puts you in tough situations, don't say, "Why me?": Just say, "Try me." - unknown

I don't know much about Ukraine, but I do know that NO ONE should be treated the way Ukraine has been being treated, right now. The World is full of bullies, and we need to start putting our collective foot down. People who refuse to grow up should not be in positions of power. Real men are not abusive.

Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. South Africa's motto even sums it up in one word, "Ubuntu". I love that and wish more people would grasp it.

keep faith

don't become a myth

I don't want humans to become a myth, either.

The page I was originally working on for this week is some fun that popped into my head last year but falls in line with the very serious need to put our foot down. So, I'm posting these together rather than separately.

Poaching and habitat loss are endangering both the King of Beasts and the King of the Mountains, as well as other wildlife, but did you realize that wars decimate wildlife, too? War not only harms people directly, it also harms us by taking a heavy toll on the environment in which we live. Just because something happens on the other side of the planet, doesn't mean it won't have any impact on you. Peace isn't just good for everyone's safety and security, it is essential for our collective health and well-being.

printable page 219

wildlife tracks

2022Feb28 was another good day for tracks. I came across a raccoon track that crossed some goose tracks while paralleling squirrel tracks close enough to get a photo of them all together. ^_^ You can tell the difference between raccoon and dog tracks by how finger-like raccoon tracks are. They're long and narrow, while dog paw pads are full and round.

domestic tracks

Another fun one I've been wanting to do for a long time. ^_^ I don't even remember where I got the original quote: "Lions don't concern themselves with the opinion of sheep." I changed it a bit, and the second part, "Though, it can be testing...", is my addition. ^_^ When I first envisioned the page, it gave me a good giggle. Though, over time, it started taking on a more serious note.

I've tried posting about the woes of gossip and about respecting others and that I'm a very direct person that doesn't mess around... It's been obvious that people out there talk about me. It's to be expected, I guess, and most is nice I hope ^_^ (I'm glad so many like the site! ^_^), but some go further with personal gossip and have made pointed comments as if I'm privy to whatever conversation they're having amongst themselves - they certainly haven't talked to me, though I've pointed my email out numerous times. I've even had chastisements aimed at me for things I have no clue about. *shrug* I just tune people like that out and wish they'd seriously think about the importance of actual communication.

Don't be sheep like that: Be lions. ^_^

Be lions.

printable page 220

true treasure

While I was working on this page, I got inspired to also make a version with inspirational words in the rainbow starting with the same letters of the colors. How many other ones can you think of? ^_^

If you haven't yet, learn more about the realities of the cub petting industry through my Cub Petting section, the KRF page outlining all about captive lions, including cub petting, and the KRWS site's page on conservation.

printable page 221 ~*~ words in rainbow version

Page 218 with Gabby is another good one for St. Patrick's Day. ^_~

Could people please stop being indiscreet with my personal information?


No one should give out other people's information. It's not only disrespectful, it can be harmful.

animal tracks

kitty highway

Precious Feral Cat Highway Outside My Door

We used to have bunny tracks on the patio in snow, bunnies relaxing on the cement or next to it all summer... Until someone let a litter of kittens go feral in 2020. Little kitty pawprints are so cute, but they've since multiplied and are tearing up neighborhood garbage a lot more. I don't have much garbage and don't keep it outside, so it's not a problem for me. I just don't want anyone deciding to poison them, like someone recently did in Edinboro and which ended up killing multiple family pets and wildlife and not helping their feral cat problem at all.

In the past, I used to take in strays all the time and get them vaccinated and spayed/neutered. I can't do that now. I don't have money or even a car to take them to a vet or even to a shelter. All I can do is raise awareness and encourage people to choose safe options in managing feral cat populations. It's a community issue and needs community management so the cats and people can peacefully coexist. I also mentioned before that perhaps the community could set up a fund to encourage and help people to spay their pets, so there aren't unwanted domestic animals being left to go feral in the first place. "An ounce of prevention rather than a pound of cure.", or however that saying goes. ^_^ (I emailed the Borough about all this before, but never got any response. If others speak up, perhaps they'll see that it is a community issue that needs attention.)

Alley Cat Allies has good information and guidance.

Below is a close-up of housecat pawprints. Kevin's posted lion pawprints before, and it seems the main difference is size - and maybe a lion's weight making theirs fuller.

housecat pawprint

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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