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God Save The King!

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"The protection of human life can be costly; but so is the neglect of that protection." - Max Anders ... That can be said of all life.

lion craft

printable page 153

Here is a variation of an easy craft we did as kids. We had made simple black construction paper cats for Halloween (fold paper in half, cut out rounded area from outer edge to make legs, use those pieces one for the head and the other to cut out ears and a tail, adding other color nose, eyes, whiskers)... We hung ours on the windows, but they can stand up - fold a bit of tab in at the bottom of the legs to steady them.

lion craft

The bullies in people are really shining lately.

I was going to skip this week; but I've just been poked one too many times and decided to vent a bit. ...and made my own "political" sign. ;p

One: White supremacy has no place in this Country or in the future of this planet. GROW UP.

Two: People don't take steroids and experimental drugs for "just the flu", and naysayers throwing tantrums are the ones causing the problems they're throwing tantrums about. GROW UP.

Three: NEIGHBORS should be NEIGHBORLY and respect each other. GROW UP.

The first two are obvious national issues. The third probably is too, but that stems from this: A local Veteran's signs have repeatedly been vandalized - even the "Veterans For" ones. It is pretty obvious the neighbors are the ones doing it. NEIGHBORS. Not only are they disrespecting and bullying a NEIGHBOR, they are disrespecting and bullying someone who fought for their right of free speech and ability to fill their own yards with signs. The Veteran's opinion differs from theirs, and rather than respect it, they destroy and oppress it, deny him his own rights while taking full advantage of the ones he risked his life to ensure them. Shame on everyone who is acting like this.

People need to seriously think about the kind of person they want to be, the kind of person they tell people they are, and what kind of person they are actually acting like.

It all comes down to one very simple concept that too many don't seem able to grasp: Respect.

Weeks ago, I came across a sign on one of my rides that had "DOGS 2020 Because Humans Suck". I'm a cat person, but I thought the sign was great fun. Yet, also a bit sad, because humans seem to be at their worst this year. I thought about doing a Cats one as a coloring page, but didn't want to be a downer about humans - some people actually care and try. Well, then, I just got fed up and was going to do it anyway. ;p But there are already CATS 2020 signs, and I came up with a better spin. ^_~

The photos are just a couple versions of ones you can buy, but they're costly. It's just text, so you can make your own versions. If you want to be nicer, because we should be ^.^, you could put instead something like: "CATS 2020 Because Cats Are Purrfect", or "CATS 2020 The Purrfect Choice". ^_~

vote for cats

vote for dogs

vote for lions

printable page 155

I also made a version that could be a leopard
or whatever color cat you like.

leopard craft

printable page 154

I placed the head out further on this one, and after a week or so, the cat started bending down from the weight, feet sliding outward. I said, "Oh, he's playing..!" ^_~ If you encounter this (humidty levels are also a factor in paper curling), you can make the legs under the head stiffer by gluing a strip of paper on the backs and stop sliding by putting the back-side foot against a wall, or side of a shelf.

You can also glue the feet to a "ground" paper, like in this more advanced version of a stand-up cat from Art Projects For Kids.

This tp roll black cat at Where Imagination Grows is really cute.

leopard or cat craft

clever mealtime

Yeah, the photos are awful, but you need illustration to prove this story. ^_~

A bit of a gigglefest... ^_~ ... 2020Oct3 late afternoon at the 20mi park, I turned to watch a hawk winging in low, and he suddenly dropped to the ground. He just stood there for a bit, and I wondered what he was doing, as it was odd behaviour.

What a treat! ^_^ No people around to disturb him (I wasn't very close), he soon was casually hopping around and pouncing, picking at something on the ground, sometimes picking it up to shake it then letting it fall again so he could playfully dance about and pounce on it again. So much like a cat playing with its food, it was hard for me to keep my giggles quiet. ^,^ I have never heard of this behaviour in hawks before. So cool to witness. ^_^

I tried to get photos through my binoculars, but the lighting wasn't right and the strong winds kept trying to shove me over, so I couldn't get the phone's lense to line up with the binocular's eyepiece very well or hold steady... I have used the binoculars to boost the phone's zoom with a little more clarity than this before (turtles at the reservoir), but conditions wouldn't allow it this time.

Well, he finally took off, only to land on a nearby bat house... omg... ^,^; Such a naughty bird!!! He finished off the little meal while perched there, then tried to break into the bat house! ... Watching him, the pieces fell into place: Remembering his earlier low trajectory, I bet he'd come from the bat house at the start and the dark little meal he'd been playing with on the ground must have been a bat. The naughty hawk thinks the bat houses are lunchboxes! ^o^; Poor bats! But very clever bird. ^_~

Now, that behaviour, I have seen before: Long ago, when I had a small farm, we had bluebird houses around the garden. One year, the usual couple would keep going to one of the houses but not nesting in it. I checked it and found ants living in it - took awhile, but I finally figured out the clever little birds had forgone the nice nestbox in favor of farming the ants to eat their plump little eggs. Wildlife is smarter than people give them credit. ^_~

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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