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If you like watching the animals on walks, this is the page for you! There are some on other pages, so be sure to check those out, too. When Kevin films the outings he takes them on, he shares a lot of great information while they enjoy themselves. The Sanctuary animals provide great visual aid to learning about them as well as other captive animals, their wild counterparts and the wildlife they might encounter - as well as about the good and bad interactions with humans that captive and wild lions face.


Kevin's relationship with his animals makes it easier to treat them & keep them in top condition ~ and allows stress free lion research. He can also take them out into the reserve for walks, which is not only great exercise for them but also great stimulation for their minds. Too, the stimulation of going to film shoots and such are welcome and exciting to the animals that get to be involved, and they look forward to the interactions and exploring new places. At Kevin's Sanctuary, they aren't just animals in cages. They are treated like kings and queens. ^_^

feeding day  ~  why the walks

so excited! and scents and changes and why they stay

hunting behaviour

printable page 68


printable bonus page 48

Moving Lions!

Another Eventful Moving Day

Moving Day Can Be Unpredictable

Walking With Lions - Be Like George
Walking With George & Yame
Happy Lion Brothers

Front Flips ^,^

Thor, the white lion
Power of Lion Roar (Thor's group)
Thor's Pride

Super Smeller Siam

Unathi & Icarus

Real Lion King Bobcat

World Lion Day - Vayetse Livy Ginny
Vayetse Livy Ginny
Early Morning with Vayetse Livy Ginny

Suja & Bongani
Skittish Suja

Siam, Echo & Naiobi

vantage point

printable page 187


printable page 177

Meg and Amy chillin' after a satisfying walk

walkies is a win-win for lions and visitors
walkies part 2

have no reason to "run away"

Bobcat and Gabby - kitty up a tree ^_~

Bobcat and Gabby - lionesses like to lead and rotation benefits

Bobcat and Gabby

even Gabby picks up litter to help the environment :D

musical enclosures - how to play and benefits

musical enclosures again - notice how when he mentions elephants destroyed an enclosure, he doesn't say 'let's go kill them all'. ^_~
(...I would have, just to be a smart aleck. ;p)

musical enclosures benefits

more musical enclosures fun

patience, patience

helpful lioness

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mmmm fresh tyres ^_^

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~*~The Lion Shuffler ~*~

love citronella spray

part 2 they make their own rules

loading tips

elephant poo is enriching too! ^o^


volunteer enrichment - also about habitat loss and population isolation causing inbreeding

feeding and cleaning of enclosures

volunteer work at sanctuary - mentions about lion farming

setting up cameras

a volunteer's perspective

Walking With Volunteers

how NOT to behave

printable page 62

Volunteering at animal sanctuaries in Africa is sure to be a great experience, if you are able to. Just be sure you help out an authentic sanctuary and not a breeding farm or cub petting park. Cub petting facilities WILL lie and claim the cubs were orphaned and such, but the reality very most likely is that the mothers are nearby being overbred, and the owners had taken the cubs from her so that she would have more sooner. They will also claim they are breeding "to repopulate the wild". As we've addressed elsewhere in the Guide and on this site: THERE IS NOWHERE WILD TO PUT THEM. They are breeding for profit, plain and simple, and have no intention of giving those cubs long enriched lives.

It may seem really cool to play with the little darlings, but please be aware: They are destined to become a head on someone's wall or bones shipped off to Asia. It's much, much cooler to go on safari, or even watch videos, and see them frolicking and behaving naturally in the wild. You won't learn how lionesses share care of each others cubs, or what wonderful fathers male lions are, by sitting in a cage with a cub stripped of its family.

Kevin's Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa has a volunteer program that would be a great place to start. ^_~

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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