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Teeth are often commented on by people and prominently posted about by Kevin, and there are many posts of the veterinary procedures some of the animals have needed over the years.


printable page 8


Kevin does not file down their teeth. ^,^ Some people make me laugh with how silly they can be. Negative people see media with animals with blunt fangs and jump to negative conclusions, or maybe are just trying to get others to. The fact is, predators chew on a lot of hard bone: Their teeth naturally wear down over time and can even get broken. Pet owners should be no stranger to this. The photos that prompt the accusations are of older animals with naturally worn down teeth. - And, believe me, even blunt-looking fangs can still do a lot of damage.

Ah, and the tooth necklace he wears is not a trophy: It's a baby tooth from Vayetse, and a very rare find and memento. I remember in my youth I had found a baby tooth of my cat and wish I still had it. At the time I had thought it really cool but had no idea how rare that was, that I would never see another. I do have a few baby teeth from horses that I came across, though (and a grasshopper exoskeleton, and a bird skull ^,^)... but I digress. ;p

learn more about hyena teeth in Feeding Hyenas

In Hanging With Hyenas, Kevin clearly shows the difference between young pointy teeth and the well-worn ones of an elder.

shows flehmen grimace

lion's tongue info

an older lioness yawning
- love that tongue! ^o^

Geena's mouth

more on Geena's teeth

Georgie's mouth

Icarus' older teeth with filling - also enclosure size and breeders who claim they keep all the cubs/lions after they grow up


Bobcat's - at 12yrs old I think

20yr old Tau

great one of younger Yame's sharp chompers ^_^

hyena jaws

inside a lion's mouth

one of Vayetse's girls

Vayetse - lol "...Don't touch me." ^.^

he does not declaw, either

more on claws


Aslan's check-up in 360
have fun moving the view around,
you can watch the vet's view on one of the walls ^_^

GoPro: dental surgery at the Sanctuary
~*~ "director's cut" of it ~*~

join the member's channel ($5/mo) for
longer, more in-depth videos like this ^_^
old man Tau's heart health

say ahhh

printable bonus page 63

Bongani's injury / surgery

Bongani update

Naiobi's eyes
Naiobi's eye surgery
Naiobi's surgery continued
Naiobi recovered and happy

Amy's spay operation 2017 ~ part 1 ~ part 2

5 laproscoptic spays in one day

Gandalf's ingrown dew claws
Gandalf's ingrown dew claws part 2

Delta's dew claw removed

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[I make the printable images to be around 8x11 inches to fill a sheet of regular letter-size paper when printed. Coloring pages may be printed from here and made copies of for non-profit, free-of-charge use only. Plant seeds! ^_^]

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