God Save The King!

And his kingdom!

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God Save The King!

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In November, I added some links in the info spots to related material. Many of them are YouTube videos of Kevin's, as he's a very good source and child friendly. >^_~< Some are to articles on other reputable sites. Use your browser's back button to return here, or come another day if you get sidetracked with exploring the other sites. (I do not control what YouTube "recommends", and can only vouch for videos posted by LionWhispererTV.) Play safe and have fun!

Save lions

When you grow up, one of these animals could be missing.

Lion numbers are declining so rapidly that they may become extinct within the next 20 years. That means that when you grow up, there won't be any more lions. They'll be gone. We need to do what we can to prevent this by educating ourselves and others and making our voices heard by supporting wonderful people like Kevin Richardson who speak for us as well as for the lions.

Great video of Kevin's outline of the problem, his goals, and our need to raise awareness.

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Living lions are cooler.

As long as they get their trophy, and they don't care how, some people don't care whether there are any lions left for the future - your future. The people who get money for letting people kill so many lions also seem to only care about right now - not anybody's future, and certainly not about the future of lions and other wildlife. If lions go extinct, they will simply move on to killing off another animal with no regard to the impact this mentality has on our planet - your home. Not cool.

(The fang Kevin wears is a baby tooth from one of his lions, a rare find and special memento - not a trophy. His lions roar.)

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Living lions are cooler.
cute when they're little

...pet today, shot tomorrow...

In Africa, there are places you can pay to pet lion cubs and other baby predators. That may sound really neat, but they were taken away from their families; and when they get too big to be safe around people and eat too much (meat is expensive!), they are sold to places where people can pay to shoot them. Very, very few "go to a good home". It's a lot more fun to see them playing with their families in the wild. They get into a lot of mischief with their parents and siblings - just like we do! I'd much rather watch that then pay money to sit in a cage with a future head on a wall.

This is what Kevin saved his lions from. God bless you, Kevin, and the people who helped you! Watch video about this from 60 Minutes, and look into George and Yame's story which illustrates other sad realities of the cub petting industry.

Printable page 3

Dear Africa, please, save us.

Lions aren't the only predator, or animal, that's in danger of disappearing from our world. Yet, with lions being the "king of the beasts", if we are so careless as to let a creature that we revere so highly be exterminated, the rest of the animals haven't got a chance - and neither do we.

We need to wake up and speak up - our complacency has been being taken advantage of.

Africa, please, take more pride in your prides!

* There is an important Snow Leopard summit Aug 24-25. Hope it goes well! * ~ Check out a clip of them from BBC Earth.

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Please, save us.

Apex predators are essential to healthy ecosystems.
We need to find ways to coexist.

Speak up

Silent Advocates Vainly Entreat. Uproar Saves!

In our Country, we were ignorant about wolves and completely exterminated them from the U.S. Without this apex (top) predator, deer and elk populations rose, disease spread, and other wildlife suffered - including plantlife. With no competition to keep them in check, coyotes became a problem.

Yellowstone National Park is a good example: They reintroduced wolves there, and their ecosystem recovered. (view National Wildlife federation article) Work is being done to reintroduce wolves into more of their former habitats without endangering humans.

We were lucky and had Canada to help restore our wolf population; but once Africa's lions are gone, there's no getting them back.

Printable page 5

The King of the Mountains

In 2013, 12 Countries of the snow leopard's range came together at the Global Snow Leopard Forum and agreed that the snow leopard and its habitat should be preserved and protected, recognizing that the biodiversity is essential to human well-being in many ways. Twelve Countries are working together toward a brighter future for their wildlife and for their children.

Cheers to you! You are a great example of stewardship and just plain good sense and good people overcoming greed and indifference. Lightens a heart, it does.

This week, they're having another summit to reinforce these goals and propose improvements on achieving them. God bless!

Yay! Update: Read their 2017 statement! World take some pointers!

Printable page 6

King of the Mountains
Don't be daft.

Printable page 7

(Oh my. Seems Auntie was a bit riled up. --> ^,^)

There are people who actually defend breeding lions for canned killing by saying things like, "We kill cattle and other animals, this is the same thing."    Wow.

When we have as many lions as we do cattle, THEN you can make a statement like that and not sound ridiculous.

15-20,000 lions and rapidly declining most certainly is not the "same thing" as billions of cattle and rising. Not to mention that we don't take cows from petting zoos, put them in another enclosure and pay $40,000 to shoot at them with inadequate firepower for the size of animal (and no skill, omg) and then take a photo with the carcass which then is left to rot, possibly with the bones later being sold for thousands more dollars. When we do that with cows and goats and sheep, etc, and they only have thousands left in the world, THEN you can claim, "It's the same thing."

God forbid humanity ever sinks that low.

Sorry - if anyone noticed. I had "hundreds of billions" and had meant "hundreds of millions", but I re-checked and found that there are indeed billions: over 1.4 billion cattle/cows, over 920 million goats, around 1 billion swine, over 1 billion sheep... - There are almost 300,000,000 cattle just in India. That's the number I had on my brain. So, "over 300,000,000 cattle in the world" on the coloring page was correct, but not an accurate depiction. I corrected that, too.

Lion Roar 101

Someone didn't like my roaring lions on page 5. She said, "Where's the teeth?"

*sighhh* If you felt the same way: Watch more Lion Whisperer TV! ;p

When lions roar, they do not bare their teeth. That would be a growl or snarl, or a yawn, or a "flehmen grimace". Same goes for wolves. When they howl, they do not bare their teeth.

Try a roar or howl yourself (a real roar - not a snarl) and see how your lips move and whether your teeth show. I demonstrated this for her, but she still didn't seem convinced. That is what mass-media misinformation does. That "roaring" lion used by a certain film company for their logo is NOT roaring. That is a type of snarl, with the early version put over video of a yawn. Kevin and Meg explain.

Printable page 8

Roar 101
Snow Leo for King!

Friendly Competition

Just having some fun. ^_^ Kevin Richardson has more than lions at his sanctuary, and one of the documentaries said his favorites are actually the hyenas. (Loves them all, of course!) So, I've always had this fun image in the back of my mind of lions and hyenas rallying with signs that pick on each other. Yet, when I went to actually draw it, it just didn't seem like it was ready to be put down on paper. In come the snow leopard, and everything fell into place.

I love doing images that have me giggling the whole time I'm working on them. ~ * ~ The Prideland comic is by artists who also like Kevin and sometimes include him in their fun.

Printable page 9

Did you know? Local reports say six bald eagles have just died in as many weeks in PA of lead poisoning and that, normally, there are only two or three cases in a year. The likely source is from ingesting lead shot in animal carcasses people leave instead of recovering or burying. Another little-thought-of source are fishing weights.

These are cases of, "we've always used these", so it just doesn't cross our minds as something bad for us - or the environment. You can help by bringing awareness to others. Everyone should re-examine old habits for lurking crossbones and make sure we are taking precautions to limit, or eliminate, exposure - of ourselves and our families, as well as of wildlife. Responsible sportsmanship goes hand-in-hand with stewardship. We ban lead from our paint, toys, and gasoline; why is it still in our food?

This is a nation-wide dilemma. I like this article in The Guardian.
View Center for Biological Diversity's article on "Get The Lead Out".
Learn more about eagles at National Eagle Center.

Be aware.

Printable page 10

Leopard puddle

Printable page 11

Two pages this week. No page ready for last week due to illness caused by heat exhaustion. They were refusing to vent the building properly, and my apartment would become like a sauna with temperatures up to 90F and humidity up to 100% even overnight when it was only 60F outside. That is not healthy to be in for extended periods of time.

I asked people nicely for their cooperation, but not everyone understands the basic concept of buildings needing air circulation - and certain someones just don't care. I was trying to save up to move, but I had to use it (and help from others, Thank You!) to purchase a dehumidifier and an A/C.

I felt like a snow leopard might feel in South Africa.

>^_^< Let's make lion-o-lanterns!

The Woman's Day cover (on the stands in Sept/Oct) had a LION jack-o-lantern on it! Awesome idea! Cut the large pumpkin's opening in its base. (I recommend a little hole in the back of the top for your candle heat/smoke to vent.) Their nose is a very small ornamental pumpkin, painted black. Larger ornamental ones for the muzzle and ears were cut in half, scraped clean, and a side of the ears trimmed to fit snug against the head part. They were attached with toothpicks, I believe.

The mane is artificial flowers stuck around the side (with straight-pins, but I bet hot-glue works), and they used a few long petals stuck into the muzzle parts for whiskers. So cute!

Don't be afraid to improvise, but you can check out their website at womansday.com for more details of how they did theirs - go to the Halloween section linked at the top. You could also check out their tips on making your jack-o-lanterns last longer.


Printable page 12

A Lion's Lion

Printable page 13

Lady's Man - uh - Lioness' Lion

Kevin talks about how he needs to let the animals he cares for get used to new smells - even if it's just a new watch. He once commented that he doesn't use deodorant or soap (because of the scents), and I burst out laughing, always ready for humor, "Eww! Stinky Kevin! No wonder the lions love him so much! I've seen what they roll in!" - Instant image for a coloring page, "I must draw that!" ^_^

Kevin later said he'd been joking, but lions do love to roll in stinky things - just like our domestic dogs and cats. I had a few cats that loved to rub their faces in stinky shoes, and you can imagine the icky things dogs like to roll in. Lions love impala poo and things like that. They will even get protective of a really good batch and want it all for themselves. Just consider it their version of cologne or perfume. Quite frankly, animals think people with that stuff on are stinky (so do I). Each to their own. ^_~

LOL - The day after I posted this, he posted his weekly video and it's of the lions rolling in elephant poo!

International Snow Leopard Day is Oct 23.

I believe it started in 2014 to mark the anniversary of the 2013 GSLEP agreement (Global Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Plan). Though the snow leopard range countries are making wonderful efforts and progress, the snow leopard is still in need of extra care and protection. Unfortunately, they were recently removed from the IUCN Red List, without reliable population numbers or regard to the growing threats of habitat loss and poaching. This move could hinder the efforts to stabilize the fragile snow leopard population, as it may reduce government funding toward such efforts as well as make people think they're safe now when they're not.

Lions in South Africa face a similar dilemma, as the South African government recently made an uninformed decision also without reliable population numbers.

Snow Leo Day

Printable page 14

Save me!

It's scary out there!

A few of his lions have actually used Kevin for protection. So cute. And it shows their trust in him as part of their pride.

What's being done to lions and other wildlife is not cute at all. Maybe one human can't change the world, but one human can change another human, and that human can change another. When you get enough who care together, amazing things can happen. So, start in your little area, even if it's something simple like discouraging littering or not being mean to animals. Those little bits will add up, and soon you'll be able to build onto it. Live as an example to others - a good example ;p. That was my Mom's way, and I try to uphold it.

Printable page 15

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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