God Save The King!

And his kingdom!

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God Save The King!

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"Dear Visitors, I am very sorry for your likely need to buy whole boxes of additional crayons just to get more yellow, grey and black. You can find boxes of just the single color you need in various stores that sell craft or school supplies. I hope this information helps." ^,^

Uh oh

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You see what happens when you leave things lying around... ^,^

Here's a few pages of fun to keep you busy over Easter vacation. Enjoy! And Hoppy Spring, too!

Jane Goodall's birthday is April 3. She is most well-known for her work with chimpanzees, but she also advocates for doing what we can to protect and revive all wildlife. Her facebook page has video clips, and National Geographic has a good 6min video. (It took a bit to load for me, but was worth the wait. :)

April Fool's!

Happy April Fool's Day! ^_^

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Happy Easter!

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Saving lions...

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Wasn't this a given, too? ;p

Yep, there are rabbits in Africa, and lions sometimes eat them. The riverine rabbit only lives in parts of South Africa and is one of the rarest animals in Africa. Unlike other rabbits, females of this species only produce about four offspring during their lifetime. That makes it even harder for them to cope with, and recover from, harm to the population. They lost most of their habitat to the spread of farms, but some conservationists and farmers are working together to find ways to coexist.

Cape Nature is local to the riverine rabbit's area. (Yes, rabbits eat their own poo. ^,^ It's also the best natural fertilizer - find a local rabbit breeder and you might get it for free!)

I was going to have some fun promoting a certain show but was told by a rep of theirs to not post any material depicting it. I was a bit shocked and very disappointed, but I had been seeing that they are very commercialized. Their legalese reaction to fanart just tipped the scale. With everything else I was finding, it makes me feel they are more about profit than about actually helping wildlife. So, okay. No problem.

I bring it up, because this incident made me appreciate the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary so much more: They're down to earth and real. Kevin's very much in touch with the environment and actively trying to save lions and other wildlife. He didn't start with awareness-raising fun media, nor has he stopped there. He's in it wholly for the animals, and what he does is all means to that end. I greatly respect and appreciate that - and that's the kind of people I like to promote. So, here's a hyena page, because he loves hyenas. ^_^ (...remember, I am not a professional zoologist or artist... ^,^)

Notes for the bonus page..: If you've read his book (Part of the Pride) or have White Lion on dvd, you know Kevin has dressed up in a pink chicken suit. So, I really doubt they are worried. ^_~ ... Also, hyena don't really "laugh" as we think of it. It's done more as a nervous giggle rather than something for joy. ...well, snow leopards and lions don't really laugh, either... or speak English... these are just for fun, remember... ;p Check out the Smithsonian channel video on hyena sounds.

Hyenas like to roll in stinky stuff, too - but Kevin says that's okay: They wash it off in their drinking water. ^o^' And he has a cute video of some hyena facts. His YouTube channel has quite a few cool videos of hyenas with great insight about them, like their awesome jaw power, so be sure to check them all out.

don't upset unicorns... ;p

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giggle giggle

Croc for King

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Lions and other predators will sometimes go after a crocodile, if it's at a disadvantage somehow - like being young. The most dangerous time in a crocodile's life is before and right after they hatch. Monitor lizards and other animals will raid crocodile nests and eat the eggs, and newly hatched crocs are easy prey for birds even when in the water. Mother crocs are protective, but moms can't be everywhere at once.

Adult crocodiles are too dangerous for most other predators to mess with, making their main predators humans. Nile and West African crocodiles (the big ones you usually see in nature shows) are currently holding their own; the dwarf crocodile is vulnerable (which is right above endangered); and the slender-snouted crocodile is critically endangered.

This page at Active Wild has info about all four crocodile types found in Africa, and The Guardian has an interesting article about some cave-dwelling dwarf crocodiles which turn orange from being in bat guano. ewww ^^

The theme for this year's Earth Day is removing and preventing plastic contaminants of our environment. ...We switched to plastic to save trees, but it's killing the rest of the planet... The Center for Biological Diversity has a good article about its toll on wildlife and ourselves, the United Nations has a great video about this critical problem, and this National Geographic video is more child-friendly.

I have actually had people say to me, "I won't be here in fifty years: What do I care?" Seriously? That just astounds me. What about right now? Right now, you want to be that kind of person? Right now, you don't care about the state of the world you're living in? This is happening right now.

Since you're at a site like this, I don't think you're like that. ^_^ Good for you! Little ones can help sort recyclables, while older youngsters can help pick up litter with adults. You don't need to be with an organization to do it. Just do it! ;p - and not just one day a year! ;p Don't forget that trails sometimes need care, too. Take a bag with you when you go hiking or biking. ~ Please be careful along the roads! ~

- and you naughty people out there: Stop littering to begin with!

Do Something

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Here's a link to Matthew West's awesome "Do Something" music video. I think it's very fitting. ^_~

cape buffalo for king

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People kill lions and elephants because they're too wimpy to go after cape buffalo. ;p

There's a lot of fame given to "man-eating" predators, but some of the most dangerous animals in the world don't have claws or fangs. They just don't tolerate much. ^,^ Cape buffalo, for instance, will gang up on predators and are known to even kill them - sometimes to protect other prey animals, but sometimes just as a show of force. They're not domesticated, and for very good reason: They are known to kill people. (Water buffalo and American bison are a totally different story and are good with people.)

On an unrelated but happy note: National Geographic just posted an article about an area which has kept their rhinos safe for over a year using modern technology. When you donate to places like Kevin's sanctuary, you're helping them be able to purchase these kinds of systems. It saves rangers' lives, too!

Happy Mother's Day

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RRROVE you, Mom

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Endangered Species Day - May 16
Biological Diversity Day - May 22

Biological diversity means having a variety of different life, including bacteria, and helps protect plants and animals from becoming extinct. Increasing numbers of an endangered species doesn't do much good, if there isn't a healthy habitat for them to live in. Restoring and preserving balanced, biologically diverse habitats is essential to saving endangered species - and ourselves.

The Guardian: What is biodiversity, and why does it matter to us?

biodiversity is essential to life

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love Meg and Ami

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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