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God Save The King!

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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I... I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

animals dream

Have a fun April Fool's Day! - but be safe about it! ^o^ In the spirit of fun, check out this really cool lion video!

Here's some more fun with spy camera animatronics by Spy in the Wild. They make cameras that look just like the animals they want to film so they can get closer without disturbing them. ~ chimps vs bushbaby ~ blooper reel ~ warthog spa treatment ~ and awwww... they think it's dead and mourn for it ^,^ Kinda' makes you feel mean, doesn't it? ^.^

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Seems there is no end to anti-conservationists defending their status quo practices by saying they're "helping" conservation by killing for trophies. Like I've said on this site before: If that were true, then why are all these animals rapidly approaching extinction? Losing lions is a point of no return we should take very, very seriously. It should not have gotten this far.

This analogy popped into my head recently - 2019Mar4: "Real men run into a burning building to save children. People like trophy hunters who kill just for the sake of killing are too busy taking photos of yourselves in front of the glorious flames."

Most often representing strength or power, lion symbolism is integrated into what seems like almost every culture around the world. How many ways can you find around you that people use lion likenesses? How many ways can you think of to encourage others to take an interest in ensuring that wild lions remain a living inspiration of our cultures? Simply talking about them is a good start. ^_~ Here's just a few of the ones Kevin has seen: Singapore means "Lion City" , Trafalgar Square, London , Paris, France... Oh, look! It's Vayetse in Chicago , and guess who on a yacht in Monaco! And check out this really cool one: The Clockwork Lion ~ more photos by the artisans.

Yes, it's out of order. This is the page/post I was going to originally do two weeks ago. ;p

lions everywhere

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Does your name mean "lion"? ^_^

Hoppy Easter

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Earth Day

NatGeo - Canadian bunnies eat meat - This was no surprise to me, as once upon a time, I raised a few rabbits. So, I know first hand that the mothers will eat their young if they feel their nest is threatened - like by a meanie neighbor dog. (The classic novel Watership Down even referred to the behaviour.) They are also known to eat their young if there's something wrong with them, or if the mother isn't getting enough to eat so can't sustain the kits. Other animals, like lions, do this, too. So, it's not a big step for wild rabbits in harsh conditions to scavenge from carcasses of other animals.

...Rabbits are also pretty feisty fighters when they want to be and can inflict serious bites and scratches. So, I wouldn't be surprised if someone someday catches footage of wild rabbits actually hunting other small animals, but I would be a bit disturbed... who wouldn't?? ^,^

The Easter Bunny has assured me he is a vegetarian. ^_~

And check out this cool "sea bunny" I recently discovered - I never thought I'd call a slug cute! Treehugger has more information and photos.

Earth Day is April 22.
This year's theme is "Protect Our Species".
Don't let them become myths.

Have a Hoppy Easter! ^_^

"People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world which cannot sustain people." - Bryce Nelson ~ "For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” - Martin Luther ~ Find some other tree quotes here.

Arbor Day is celebrated in the US the last friday of April every year. Other Countries observe such a day, too, but the date varies due to differing climates, as the traditional activity is to plant a tree. I can't remember where I saw it, but a past advocate of Arbor Day liked that, while other holidays are about the past, this holiday is about the future.

Wikipedia lists other Countries with Arbor Day and notes South Africa observes a whole Arbor Week in September. You can learn about some trees lions might encounter in Africa; and find places you can reconnect with nature near you through Discover the Forest.

Arbor Day

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I strained my wrist, so I drew a simple one this week with my off hand... Not too shabby. Being a bit ambidextrous comes in handy. ^_^

Weather and some adversarial attitudes out there brought these quotes to mind: "People try to rain on your parade, because they have no parade of their own." - Jeffrey Gitomer

...and, "Conservation is a state of harmony between Men and land." - Aldo Leopold

There are a lot out there who declare themselves "true conservationist" in the same sentences they're mudslinging, spreading hate and claiming exclusive authority over who can and cannot be a conservationist. That's not very nice, and certainly no state of harmony. Maybe they were never taught, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything.", or "You catch more flies with honey." ^,^ Sour people like them aren't very fun to be around. Everyone has their moments, but rather than exhaustively trying to undermine others, be someone who lifts others up. Bright, positive people like Kevin are who get good things done. As you grow up, you'll find it's a much more satisfying way to live. ^_^

Second sunday of May every year is Mother's Day. Thinking of flowers: There are a lot of flowers and plants with animal-inspired names. How many do you know from around here?

Tiger Lily, Foxglove, Catnip, Cattails, Toad Lily, Wolfsbane, Snapdragon, Pussywillow, Dogwood, Lamb's Ear, Colt's Foot, Bat Face Cuphea, Hen and Chicks, Cowslip, Goatsbeard, Leopard Plant, Leopard's Bane, Cranesbill, Bearberry, Elephant Ears, Zebra Grass...

Lion's Tail is the only other lion one I can find, beside our ever-present Dandelions. It happens to be native to South Africa. Some flowers have different varieties with a name, like a double Daffodil that some call "white lion", and an Amaryllis variety called "red lion", and there's an odd looking mushroom called "lion's mane"...

If you have a yard, maybe your parents can help you plant an "Animal Sanctuary" garden full of "animals". ^_~ Who doesn't like to dig around in the dirt? Oh, try to stay native - loosestrife, for example, is very pretty but also very invasive here and disrupts our ecosystem. Your "animal sanctuary" garden would benefit lots of actual animals - not just butterflies, bees and birds, but also some nibblers like deer and rabbits. Gardening Know How has a few theme ideas.

Mother's Day

Printable page 90

Can't believe I forgot these! ^,^;
Videos of mom lionesses with cubs:
BBC newborn wild cubs , natural cub life
Discovery cubs introduced to pride
PBS another mom introducing hers
~ and NatGeo Wild how different moms carry their babies.

May 17 is Endangered Species Day. It's celebrated the third friday of May every year.

lions in disguise

Printable page 91

~*~ A heads-up: Looks like I won't be able to stay in this area. No idea when I'll be able to post again. Happy trails, everyone. Keep up the good works! ~*~

If you're new, or forgot, and were wondering about the lions in disguises: It's my ingenious idea to hide them from trophy hunters and poachers. ^_^

Of course, in reality, if we did something like that, then they'd be like, "Ooo, carnivorous cattle! How rare and exciting! I must have one to collect dust on my wall!"... sigh... ;p It's sad how hard it is to wake people up from that mentality. They supposedly lust after these animals for their beauty and power and other awe-inspiring qualities of the living, breathing forms; yet, they kill them and extinguish every last bit of what they say they admire. The practice makes absolutely no sense to me. It contradicts the very reason they claim they're attracted to the animal. You don't see dead animals revered on flags or as statues or see poetry or art extolling the virtues of stuffed heads - they have none: They're lifeless, totally uninspiring things that simply collect dust. There is no comparison to the living breathing powerhouses in the wild they used to be. Killing things just for the sake of killing them is not a status quo anyone should aspire to.

Beside trophies and poaching, habitat loss is the biggest threat to endangered species. Restoring and protecting healthy environments and safeguarding our awe-inspiring wildlife is something we should all aspire to. ^_^

Uni and the Not-So-White Lion

"Uni and the Not-So-White Lion"
^o^ "Mia and the White Lion" out in the US 2019April12.
Take your friends and neighbors!

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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