God Save The King!

And his kingdom!

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God Save The King!

Lions in disguise... uh, I mean: What lions? No lions here! ^_^

...2017Dec...I started thinking maybe they think that making fun of how precarious lion existence is now by campaigning to elect another King of Beasts in his place isn't very funny... So, remember page 7? Well, I hope this might make it up to them: I have this great idea for saving lions... one cow hide at a time. ^_~

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jingle bells...

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Here's another great idea for saving lions.

This page was a given just as soon as I thought of the "Saving lions, one cowhide at a time." page. It just went right into how funny it would be to see them hunting like that.

...If you think this is morbid, just blame spring fever... (...of course, that doesn't excuse the ones I did the rest of the year... ;p)


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Saving lions...

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Wasn't this a given, too? ;p

Yep, there are rabbits in Africa, and lions sometimes eat them. The riverine rabbit only lives in parts of South Africa and is one of the rarest animals in Africa. Unlike other rabbits, females of this species only produce about four offspring during their lifetime. That makes it even harder for them to cope with, and recover from, harm to the population. They lost most of their habitat to the spread of farms, but some conservationists and farmers are working together to find ways to coexist.

Cape Nature is local to the riverine rabbit's area. (Yes, rabbits eat their own poo. ^,^ It's also the best natural fertilizer - find a local rabbit breeder and you might get it for free!)

NatGeo - Canadian bunnies eat meat - This was no surprise to me, as once upon a time, I raised a few rabbits. So, I know first hand that the mothers will eat their young if they feel their nest is threatened - like by a meanie neighbor dog. (The classic novel Watership Down even referred to the behaviour.) They are also known to eat their young if there's something wrong with them, or if the mother isn't getting enough to eat so can't sustain the kits. Other animals, like lions, do this, too. So, it's not a big step for wild rabbits in harsh conditions to scavenge from carcasses of other animals.

...Rabbits are also pretty feisty fighters when they want to be and can inflict serious bites and scratches. So, I wouldn't be surprised if someone someday catches footage of wild rabbits actually hunting other small animals, but I would be a bit disturbed... who wouldn't?? ^,^

The Easter Bunny has assured me he is a vegetarian. ^_~

Hoppy Easter

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lions in disguise

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If you're new, or forgot, and were wondering about the lions in disguises: It's my ingenious idea to hide them from trophy hunters and poachers. ^_^

Of course, in reality, if we did something like that, then they'd be like, "Ooo, carnivorous cattle! How rare and exciting! I must have one to collect dust on my wall!"... sigh... ;p It's sad how hard it is to wake people up from that mentality. They supposedly lust after these animals for their beauty and power and other awe-inspiring qualities of the living, breathing forms; yet, they kill them and extinguish every last bit of what they say they admire. The practice makes absolutely no sense to me. It contradicts the very reason they claim they're attracted to the animal. You don't see dead animals revered on flags or as statues or see poetry or art extolling the virtues of stuffed heads - they have none: They're lifeless, totally uninspiring things that simply collect dust. There is no comparison to the living breathing powerhouses in the wild they used to be. Killing things just for the sake of killing them is not a status quo anyone should aspire to.

Beside trophies and poaching, habitat loss is the biggest threat to endangered species. Restoring and protecting healthy environments and safeguarding our awe-inspiring wildlife is something we should all aspire to. ^_^

Saving lions, one heart at a time.

~ Saving lions one heart at a time. ~

Kevin and his spokeslions do that very well, don't they? ^_^ If you're new, check them out through links here and through Kevin's sites to learn how amazing lions are and see why they became a beloved icon of many cultures worldwide. I don't want lions to become a myth. I don't want you to be left with a world missing them. Let's reach more hearts!

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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