God Save The King!

And his kingdom!

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"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new." - Socrates

God Save The King!

Trying something new, here. From time to time, I'll add more with different difficulties. The jigsaw puzzles (below) will open on a page here, but are actually run through another site (Jigsaw Explorer). You can also change the difficulty through the puzzle's settings. If you set them to rotate, just click on the piece and then an arrow key to turn them. They also have a full-screen mode in which the pieces will be a little bigger. ~*~ Other Activities below.

~*~ Puzzles You Play Here ~*~

biodiversity is essential

Jigsaw Puzzle 3 - 50pcs

lion racecar

Jigsaw Puzzle 4 - 20pcs

enjoy nature

Jigsaw Puzzle 1

Amy & Meg

Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Save Lions

Jigsaw Puzzle 5 - 25pcs

Save Our Species

Jigsaw Puzzle 6 - 50pcs

~*~ Other Activities ~*~

Also check out the links on the left for other collections of activity pages, like cards, cut-outs and mazes.

In the word puzzles you can print, those designated with a "1" or "2" have ten to twelve words which are different in each set, and "3" has twenty words for those who are ready for more challenge at a time. ~ I'm not going to create answer sheets: If there's something you don't know, I hope it sparks your curiosity to go in search of the answer. It's all about learning and exploring - not keeping score. ^_~

Well, I had been trying to think of activities or games that can be printed out, and which I could customize, and decided to do a LION version of the BINGO game. ^_^

I made two versions: one with pictures on the game board, and one with words for a different challenge or to help those learning the words to practice. They'll be more durable if you can print them out on cardstock, or cut half of a folder to paper size and print on that.

printable page 208 word gameboard  ~  208 picture gameboard

GSTK - LION game


The African Animal BINGO game is also in two versions, with one matching picture to picture and one matching picture to word. I couldn't fit this one all on one page, so the gameboards and game pieces are on separate pages to print.

For multiple players, if you use buttons or something as markers, you should only need one sheet of game pieces. However, if each player keeps the piece that's drawn to place on their gameboard, then you'll need to print at least two sheets of game pieces.

GSTK African Animal Bingo
picture gameboard ~ word gameboard ~ game pieces

April 27 is World Hyena Day.

While I was working on my LION and African Animals versions of the BINGO game, I had also thought of doing a hyena one, and saved it for World Hyena Day. ^_^

Like the others, I made two versions, so you can match picture to picture, or picture to words.

Printable page 225 ~ game pieces ~ word gameboard

GSTK game


Easy Lion Cake

You can easily make a lion cake by surrounding a round cake with 12 cupcakes and decorating appropriately.

secret msg

Lion Word Scramble


Printable Letter Decode 1


Printable Letter Decode 2


Printable Letter Decode 3


Printable Number Decode 1


Printable Number Decode 2


Printable Number Decode 3

African Animal Crossword

Crossword 1

African Animal Word Crossword

Crossword 2

African Animal Crossword

Crossword 3

African Animal Word Link-up

Link-up 1

African Animal Word Link-up

Link-up 2

African Animal Word Link-up

Link-up 3

African Animal Word Mix-ups

Mix-up 1

African Animal Word Mix-ups

Mix-up 2

African Animal Word Mix-ups

Mix-up 3

African Animal Word Match-ups

Word Match 1

African Animal Word Match-ups

Word Match 2

African Animal Word Match-ups

Word Match 3

African Animal Word Search

Word Search 1

African Animal Word Search

Word Search 3

African Animal Word Search

Word Search 1 by clues

African Animal Word Search

Word Search 3 by clues

African Animal Word Search

Word Search 2

African Animal Word Search

Word Search 2 by clues

African Animal Word Search

Word Search 3 by clues 2

elephants in a cave

Printable draw elephants page

BBC Studios has a playlist of clips on YouTube.

~ * ~ Biodiversity Day 2021 ~ * ~

Conservation Word Search

Conservation Word Search 1

This set of word puzzle activities is for International Biodiversity Day. I'll call it "Conservation Vocabulary". I just picked the ten most common words I see and simplified the definitions a bit, since this is a kids site. They're still pretty big words, though, so younger visitors will need help. ^.^ Level "3" in these wordsearches isn't 20 words but still more of a challenge. Have fun! ^_^

Learn about the importance of biodiversity, and what it is, at The Guardian ~ Global Issues ~ Biological Diversity ~ WHO ~ United Nations.

Conservation Word Search

Conservation Word Search 3

Conservation Word Search

Conservation Word Search 3 by clues

Conservation Word Match

Conservation Match-up

Conservation Word Mix-up

Conservation Vocabulary Mix-up

Conservation Crossword

Conservation Vocabulary Crossword

Save Our Species

printable page 44

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Be a steward of the Earth.

Coloring pages may be printed from here and made copies of for non-profit, free-of-charge use only. ~ Don't have a printer? Out of ink? Libraries are typically happy to print things like this out for you. Some may charge a small fee, others will print a page or two at no charge. ~ Please do not hotlink to or use my images on other websites. Simply direct people to my homepage: godsavetheking.neocities.org , thanks! Plant seeds!

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