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God Save The King!

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"It's not so much what we have in this life that matters: It's what we do with what we have." - Mr. Rogers


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"An army of sheep led by a lion
is better than
an army of lions led by a sheep.

[original version of this quote is attributed to Alexander the Great]

I've painted some "My Roar on the Shore" rocks: Here's a coloring page version of them. ^_^

A lion's roar can be heard up to 8km, or 5 miles, away. Listen to some : Tau ~ Meg and Amy ~ Charlie ~ Bogani ~ compilation with Kevin explaining how a real roar looks.

Worst fire season on record, the widespread bushfires in Australia have been burning for months, devastating people, livestock and wildlife, and there's no end in sight. Record donations have been pouring in to help them out.

As with any event that sparks donation drives, be careful who you give money to. There are people who use other's suffering to front scams that line their own pockets. Make sure you donate to a legitimate organization that is going to use your money for what you intend it for.

With habitats destroyed, even after the fires are put out, wildlife will need a lot of extra care and assistance. If you would like to help out wildlife specifically, Zoos Victoria has set up a dedicated emergency fund for that. They also list some tips for when encountering animals in these situations. The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary listed other organizations for wildlife. Crafters are also finding ways to help by making pouches for orphaned babes. Active Wild tells you more about Australian wildlife and its over 100 marsupials and has activity sheets to print. Learn more about numbats at Numbat Project.

Jan29 - Photographer David Yarrow and WildArk have created the #KoalaComback Campaign.


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Something interesting you might not think about: Amazon rainforest fires and the Australian bushfires have both affected glaciers in nearby Countries, which also affects water supplies.

Consumed By Fire - "Walk Through the Fire"

precious time

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in memory

~ Casting Crowns - Praise You In This Storm - love this version ~
( lyric version )

I'm not drawing this baboon Valentine, but she would have got a big kick out of it. ^o^   (origin site is on image and doesn't have static pages to link to, so I copied it instead of hotlinking)

...therapeutic drawing...

(Amy passed last week - the butterfly page at bottom is based off a scene from when they were younger...)

Photos don't always translate well into coloring page sketches, especially when they don't have a lot of background. So, I put these three together, and it works well, I think. Some recent nice ones of Kevin and Amy: 2 stills from instagram (one , two) and a moment from the related video (toward the end). Love all the animals, but Amy was the one I had really hoped to somehow be able to meet one day... I am a bit of a dreamer.

Double hard hit..:

My friend, Karen, passed away last week, too. And of cancer, too. I am really tired of that stupid disease.

Not everyone could get along with her, but when you accept someone for who they are, it's not that hard. Our friendship was instrumental in setting me on this path. (Elder folk have a lot to offer: Don't brush them under a rug!) She had a great sense of humor, and if not for her encouragement and enthusiasm for what I was doing, and sometimes inspiration for themes, I don't think this site, or my drawing/painting, would have gone very far - or have been as much fun! I always thought it pretty nifty that her initials are the same as Kevin's, too. ...no Meg for me to hug, though...

And, I realized..: Without her, I may very well have never even known of Kevin's or his sanctuary's existence and remained unaware of the plight of lions. In 2017, she had enabled me to get a 12 dvd set about predators, and in it were two old documentaries featuring Kevin. His genuine energy and relatability inspired me to go online and find out more, which, in turn, gave birth to all of this. She didn't think she was anyone special, but with something that seemed insignificant, she changed my life. Told her days before, and so glad I didn't leave it unsaid. She liked monkeys, so that's why these are monkey Valentines. ~ check out previous cards you can use

Have had this on mind for quite some time... Food for Thought about extremist vegetarians preaching that the whole world should be vegetarian and crying shame on people for eating meat because cattle ranchers burn down forests for grazing land, devastate wildlife and pollute and kill the planet, etc., etc... It boggles me.

"Let's be kind to animals and to the planet and eat only veggies"..? Um... Lessee', deforestation for food crops, killing wildlife to protect food crops, disrupting and blocking migration routes, "emissions"-spouting plows, harvesters, processing and trucking for veggies, chemical fertilizers and pesticides running off into our water sources and polluting ecosystems... I don't think any of that is very kind.

Whether it's raising livestock or plant crops, the mentality to carelessly deplete land then destroy wildlife for fresh land to deplete and poison is the same. Crop farming is no saint when it comes to harm to animals or pollution.

The whole World becoming vegetarian isn't going to magically make it all better.

There have always been people against eating meat and dairy, but the current push condemns cattle because of their "emissions". 9_9 They don't even consider simply changing what cattle are fed. They just jump right on eliminating them - and everything we depend on that goes with them, like our own health and petfood. That's not very kind. What did Bessy and Junior and Fluffy ever do to them?

The change that needs to be made is to a nurturing mentality, better management, moderation, sustainability, peaceful coexistence: Stewardship.

[ Was going to post this three weeks ago, but life happens - which turned out good for this, as I added a bit more fun to the picture and rounded out the article even more. ]

Explore the big picture with me. Looking for non-preachy links, I kept adding more points and got pretty lengthy. Didn't want it to take over this page. ^_~

yummy veggies

Printable page 123

Lion note: Putting food on the table is one thing, but I do not believe in killing things just for the fun of it. The canned lion industry is not stewardship in even the loosest sense of the word. [Just look through this site for my in-depth views on that.]


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~ Win a trip to learn about it in person. ~

I've mentioned before that Kevin can't rescue every abused captive lion out there and why, but there was recently a new round of cries about some lions in another Country and this image popped into my head. So, I drew it. ^.^

No one person can do it.

Want Kevin to rescue every captive lion in need? Then, help him END the canned lion industry. Support legislators and organizations, like the Kevin Richardson Foundation, fighting for change; and most importantly: Spread Awareness.

Rescuing one lion saves that lion. Ending the industry saves tens of thousands.

Silent Advocates Vainly Entreat Uproar Saves

The goal isn't to go around rescuing lions one by one: The goal is to raise awareness and get changes made so that lions don't need rescued.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Show nature some love! ^_^

~ Feb15 is World Pangolin Day ~

...and got this simple and cute "I <3 U" lion one done, too. ^_^

Maybe you've noticed that some lion noses are very heart-shaped, while others are more straight, or flat, on top. The lioness that this picture is based from happens to be sort of in-between in reality - not this defined. There's lots that have a more distinct heart shape than she does, but I loved this perspective for the theme. ^_~

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printable bonus page 43

stray hearts


The last tuesday of February each year is World Spay Day.
- Feb25 this year.

World Spay Day

Printable page 126

"Stop littering!"

"There aren't enough homes for them all."

Applies to captive lions, too: Thousands of cubs are bred for tourists to pet then are later discarded or shot for trophies or bones. There is nowhere else for them to go. With loss of habitat, even wild lions have nowhere to go.

Mass breeding of captive lions does not save wild ones. Saving wild lions saves wild lions. Saving habitat saves lions. And, saving wild lions saves ecosystems.

Lionesses at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary were on contraceptives and spayed one by one when funds were available. Last year, they were able to have the last of them spayed. Kevin discussed why it's better to spay the lionesses rather than neuter the males: Without the females continually cycling, everyone is calmer. ~ If breeding captive lions helped wild ones, Kevin would be doing it.

I never really thought about it before I got captured by Kevin's media of the Sanctuary animals, maybe you didn't either, but lions (and hyena) have long whiskers. I don't normally draw them, because I feel inking them in black usually distracts from the picture. Lion whiskers are mostly white, or clear; and though hyena whiskers can often be black, I still opt to leave them off. You can consider adding whiskers as part of your coloring fun. ^_~ I also often don't add lines for toe slits, either... ;p

March 2 was Dr. Seuss' birthday, and March 3 is World Wildlife Day. 2020's theme is "Sustaining all life on Earth."

Brown hyena help maintain a clean and healthy environment and always make me think of Dr. Seuss, like they walked out of one of his books. ...sloping back, wispy long, dark brown fur draped over grey and black striped legs, scruffy fur collar, shapely head with large ears...

They're a little smaller and more solitary than spotted hyena and often clean up after larger predators, especially lions - though they need to be careful not to become the next lion-kill. On their own, brown hyena hunt smaller animals and even eat insects and fruit. They're also called "strandwolf", because many live near the coast and hunt seal pups on the rocky beaches.

This BBC clip title claims brown hyena are Africa's rarest predator, while other places claim Painted Dogs are... But I've found that the Ethiopian Wolf is the rarest African predator with only less than 500 left, and brown hyena are actually the rarest hyena. The Brown Hyena Research Project shares lots of clips and photos on facebook. (and a LOL spotted hyena camera trap photo) Found some nice photos on instagram : has 3 close-ups ~ mom with cubs ~ cute shot... This great IUCN archived site has lots of info and photos to explore on all hyena and even has a kids page.

Dr. Seuss week

Printable bonus page 44

Printable page 127

World Wildlife Day

ROFLOL ~ I came across a trailer for a series made from Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham story. At the end of the trailer, another character looks down at Sam and very seriously informs him, "I'm vegan." Sam very solemnly takes the person's hand, "I'm so sorry... How long have you known?" ... ^o^ Ah, so adorable coming from him, that hit my funny bone pretty hard. ;p Thought I'd share. ^_^

World Wildlife Day

March 3 is World Wildlife Day.

The Kevin Richardson Foundation is working to restore and protect wild habitat that will not only sustain lions, but all the important wildlife that shares that habitat. Have you entered for a chance to win a trip to go see their work in person and safari with Rodney Nombekana to see African wildlife? You still have over a month before it closes. ^_^

...sometimes... scenes like this just pop into my head... ^,^

Printable page 128

From what I can tell... In Africa, they don't have easy access to a lot of large trees for wood, like we do, and many move around with their cattle for fresh grazing. So, you don't see many barns there. They use a "boma" or "kraal", which can refer to a simple corral of branches or sticks, or an actual building of mud walls and thatch roof, or a group of huts with some type of barrier surrounding them. Their animals are pretty free-range, so rather than to confine livestock, the enclosures are more for protecting them by keeping lions and other predators away.

As happens in the U.S. and other Countries, when livestock is killed by wildlife, the response is often retaliation of killing the wildlife. Organizations like the Kevin Richardson Foundation use funds to help African communties with bomas and kraals and other ways of peaceful coexistence with large wildlife. It not only saves lions and other animals, it takes stress off of people who can sleep better at night and see wildlife as something to cherish and not just survive against.

barns and bomas

Printable page 129


I ended up adding a lot of extra material, info and links due to the current situation with covid-19, so I decided to give it a page of its own. ^_~

Check out GSTK - Panicdemic and be part of the cure! ^_^

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printable bonus page 41

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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