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God Save The King!

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...   ^_~

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather - only different kinds of good weather." - John Ruskin

"Every situation can be a positive situation if you look upon it as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement." - Brian Tracy

Don't Panic!

Lettuce Romaine Calm and Be Kind.

I will still add here and there to the Be The Cure page and will note here when I do.

last update: Watch great messages from celebrities, community leaders and everyday people from all over the world at The Call to Unite ~ There are also great messages and music at One World Together At Home.

printable bonus page 47

It's time I come clean: I have a pet lion. My mom got him for me years ago. I love cats, and he was cute, so she bought him for me. He's almost twenty years old but doesn't look his age at all. Still strong as ever. Like most lions, he lies around most of the time, but he knows some tricks; and I don't even need to give him meat. Ah! ... One day, a yappy little dog barked at me... I think we did that owner a favor. ;p

...you do know what day this is, don't you? ;p

printable page 132

The truth is found out!

Easter card base

printable bonuse page 51b

Easter card pop-up

printable bonus page 51a

Easter card example

Happy Easter! and Stay Safe!
God would not want us endangering lives for Man's traditions. ^_^

Got this fun pop-up card done for Easter. This one is in two parts with a 5x7 card to go with it. ^_^ If you want to make your own 5x7 card to put the pop-up into, trim a piece of paper to 10"x7" and fold in half, then design your own cover picture. ~ You can make your own envelope for this card from a 8.5"x11" (8"x8") piece of paper.

Lions at the Sanctuary love boiled eggs. ^_^ Check out the favorite treats Kevin gives them.

Easter egg

printable bonus page 50 with grass
printable bonus page 50 plain background

Easter fun

printable page 133

Got this other one done! ^_^

Ah, that comment before was to encourage people not to feel obligated to physically congregate for traditional Easter services and events, as many did for Palm Sunday in spite of the current dangers of grouping together. Be more secure with your relationship with God and honor Him by cherishing others' lives as much as He does. ^_^ There are plenty of ways we are blessed with in our times to "congregate" without physical nearness. I'm reminded of the parable, there's different versions but basically, of a man stuck on his roof in a flood and refusing the help of neighbors, firemen, and a rescue helicopter, because "God will save me." He dies in the flood and asks God, "Why didn't you save me?" and God answers, "I sent your neighbors, the firemen, the helicopter... Why did you refuse my help?" ~ Use what we are blessed with. ^_^

Even if you only celebrate Easter for egg hunts and feasts, please do so safely! Many have been sharing birthday parties and even just dinner together by phone or video links, or by driving by, or a visitor being in the yard with a window between, or even with signs put up outside a loved one's window. See it as a fun challenge and let your creativity shine. ^_^

Easter ears

printable bonus page 52


printable page 134

I'm sure I've seen archer fish before; but being involved with lions now, when I saw them in a nature show last year, I had a whole new perspective. ^o^

I didn't realize how much my almost daily bike rides meant to me until I went to go out one morning and found my back tire totally flat. ;_; Yeah, I will freely admit it: I cried. ^,^ I couldn't find where it was leaking, so pumped it up and went on a shortish ride. It held up for almost an hour, but by the time I got home, I could now hear the air hissing out. Finding the leak wasn't hard, then. ^,^ I happened to have a patch thingy from something else, but the puncture just so happens to be where there's ridges on the tube. So, that didn't work. ;_;

Can't get a new tube for awhile, so I was pretty bummed. Didn't feel like drawing anything on the uplifting style would help. Decided I needed something funny and started running through my mental list of old ideas I hadn't done yet. Almost immediately burst out laughing, because I quickly remembered this elephant-archer-fish one. ^o^ Ah, my magic cure. I was giggling the whole rest of the day (and still now!) just imagining elephants doing this. Hope it gives others a day of giggles, too. ^_^

Watch archer fish in action at Smithsonian channel and NatGeo, and learn more about them at Fish Species and in this BBC Earth article. ~ lol Wild Kratts has an archer fish game on the PBS Kids site. ...I will not tell you my score... ^o^;

Over the years, I've often helped out elderly neighbors and had made a couple of gingham masks for when cold or flu were going around. I had just slapped them together, and they are really a bit small though adequate for casual precaution. Well, this is a bit more serious, and I have some material left that has lions and other animals on it. So, I made a few better-fitting masks that match my lion theme. ^_^ This virus is going to be around for awhile, so I'll be wearing this whenever I go into public places.

I just went with my own style. There's plenty of different mask patterns out there to suit your own tastes. Some don't even require sewing, and you can just use a bandana or scarf - there's very fashionable scarves you wear even in summer. If you don't have cool material to use, you could use fabric paint to personalize your mask, attach an appliqué, sew on different colored pieces of material to make a design, or cut a cloth picture, like a lion, from something else (with permission! ^o^) and sew that on. There's even special fabric glue that you can use, and a fabric tape that you could iron your hems together with instead of sewing things down. If you have, or make, paper masks, you could even draw on those. Have fun with it! ^_^

Bwhahahahaha ^_^ I got my cool new masks done.

lion mask

Earth Day 2020

printable page 135

This is what we're talking about. This is what we're fighting for. This is what you're missing. This is what we're all missing, because too many turn a blind eye to how our actions and inactions affect the world around us. Be bold as a lion and be part of the cure.

Earth Day is Apr22 every year. When I checked a month or two ago, this year's theme was "You have the power to change the world.", and I thought that was pretty cool; but now all I see anywhere is that the theme is "Climate Action"... I find the first one much more inspiring and wonder what happened to it.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We've been fighting a long time, and it's a fight that will always be there as society grows and changes and new issues present themselves.

Where I live, the sky is usually almost constantly criss-crossed with jet-trails. It's so nice to have a beautifully clean sky that's not filled with them, right now. There's numerous reports of how global air pollution is at record lows, smog disappearing in many locations and revealing beautiful views that many had not seen in their lifetime. Even waters clear.

I hope such majestic and awe-inspiring, eye-opening clear vistas strike home with naysayers and bolster those who fight to restore and protect our environment.

Covid-19 note: Don't fall prey to misguidance: If you know a naysayer regurgitating the complaint "the flu killed 50,000 people last year and we didn't take these measures", please ask them to reconcile their math that 50,000 deaths in 12 months in any way equals over 40,000 deaths in 2 months and climbing. [over 60,000 from Feb29 to Apr29] ~ Rest assured, if we had not "taken these measures", that number would have rapidly exceeded 100,000 and climbed to over a million. Those people are not numbers. Their bereaved families are not numbers. We are not the ones "blowing it out of proportion": We are fighting to keep our losses from exploding out of proportion, and we need everyone's help. Be part of the cure. And THANK YOU to everyone who is doing their best, from those on the frontlines, to those at home following simple safety guidelines to be one less burden on those on the frontlines, and everyone inbetween keeping our power on, our water running, our streets clean, our communities safe, our communications intact, our bellies full... Love, respect and prayers.

2020Apr30 scans note: I can't print them out to check, but it looks like the newer pages aren't very clean - like fuzziness around the lines. Before Easter I noted that my laptop was doing bad things, so I had to transfer to an older one that someone had given me before. I can't get the scan program I was using onto the laptop I'm using now, so had to find a different one. It renders them very differently - and doesn't autosave, even though that's an option!, so I need to be careful to remember. ^,^ I'll try to play with it more sometime to see if I can clear it up, and maybe eventually try looking for a different one.

pop-up card

printable pg136 card base - blank

Good nutrition is vital even in the best of times. Malnutrition can severely impede your ability to fight off infections and diseases, so eating a nutritious balanced diet is more important now than ever. Support your local food banks and pantries so others can eat healthily, too; and, if you can, support those in Africa where widespread hunger and starvation was a problem even before all this happened. Conflicts, plagues of locusts and droughts, and now a pandemic, have made it impossible for many there to get any food at all. Many communities don't even have running water, a vital need in the fight against diseases.

Many schools local to here, in the US, have converted their programs to still get meals to the students by having curbside pick up; and some eatery owners have also provided free or very cheap meals for their local youth. (Awesome people! ^_^) Children in Africa aren't that lucky, and they may not be able to do it safely. Children are our future, so, during these extra trying times, not only has the Kevin Richardson Foundation joined with Southern Lodestar Foundation to send meals to local communities, they're funding pay for game reserve staff who still work to keep wildlife, and people, safe without income from tourists to cover the costs. #dowhatyoucan

I finally worked out a smaller pop-up-hug card and felt it was an appropriate page to put with this post. ^_^ This one is sized so that you can make your own envelope for it from a regular size sheet of paper. I even made a card base with different fronts to cover a few common occasions you might send someone some love or a hug for - and upcoming Mother's Day, the second sunday of every May. ^_^ Even a blank one for you to put your own occasion, or note, at the top. If you like, you can add more decorations on the outside and inside to dress it up with your own style.

pop-up card

printable pg136 card base - Happy Mother's Day!

pop-up card

printable pg136 - Pop-Up Lion Hug

pop-up card

printable pg136 card base - Happy Birthday!

pop-up card

printable pg136 card base - Hi!

pop-up card

printable pg136 card base - Thanks!

Also got a mask scene done that just popped into my head the other day and gave me a giggle. If it hasn't already, I can see it happening... ^,^

eating disorders

printable page 137

Wearing a mask shows that you respect others.

Some people are still crossing their arms and refusing to wear them, because they think Covid-19 won't hurt them personally: They're missing the point that wearing a mask is about having respect for others, because wearing masks is to protect each other - not ourselves.

I never thought it a big deal to wear one. I grew up wearing bandanas. We thought it was cool. ^_^ When we go out in public, we put on clothes and shoes, and sometimes hats and scarves or sunglasses. Masks are just another accessory. We've always had a basic dresscode for going out in public. Schools have dresscodes, some even have specific uniforms, most public places have basic dresscodes (even if they haven't had to enforce them, they're there), and dresscodes vary - like some places requiring semi-formal or formal dress, or special protective shoes or glasses. Learn about dresscodes at Kids Kiddle. Wearing a mask out of respect for others is just part of our new global Community dresscode. No big deal. ...just remember to lower it before you try to drink or put food in your mouth... ^o^

Apr30 note - Seeing me with my mask seems to spark observations in others that they don't really see anyone wearing them and are confused as to what they should do themselves. So, I thought I'd share a bit of mask etiquette. Of course, entering any public place or where there are a lot of others, you should all have masks on - and avoid areas where there are a lot of people to begin with. I think the confusion is about when you're outside in general.

In many of her daily briefings, Executive Dalhkemper explained with reassurances: You should take a mask with you anytime you leave your house, but when just out for a walk, where there aren't other people around, you don't need to have the mask on. (We're lucky our area isn't as strict as others.) Yet, you should definitely have one with you, so that whenever you come across other people you can pull the mask up (or put it on) before and as you pass - and try to pass as far apart as possible. I, and others I've seen, often just cross the street - whether the other people have masks or not, but especially when you can see they don't. Not everybody is trying to be rude: Some just don't know any better. Just take it in stride and enjoy your walk. Fresh air is healthy. ^_^

rain dance

printable bonus page 53

And please note that if we throw common sense to the wind, as some have done, and drive our infection spread up, we will have to Shut Down Again. Nobody wants that. So, PLEASE, please please, keep that in mind whenever you're out and about and continue safe and respectful practices. And thanks to all who have been! ^_^

so precious

printable page 138

[ No, that is not a direct quote of Kevin on the coloring page. I did not use quotation marks. That is our trio making trouble. ^_~ ]

Kevin posted a video May 1 asking people in Lockdown, or with Stay At Home orders, to reflect on how they feel about not being able to just go whereever they want and maybe now they can understand a bit how animals in cages feel and why his enrichment routines are so important to the animals at his Sanctuary.

The third friday of every May is Endangered Species Day. So, take this time to reflect on the bigger picture. Intensely breeding thousands of a wild species in cages isn't the way to go in saving them. That just creates thousands of animals in cages with nowhere else to go. Can you imagine now what it feels like to be so limited? The best way to save endangered species is to restore and preserve wild habitat for them to live and thrive in - and, with only a few exceptions, they'll breed up and populate such places quite nicely on their own in the wild. We just need to make the habitat available to them. And protect it. ^_^

Unicorn's attempt to parody Sméagol / Gollum from The Lord of the Rings... ^,^ Finally was able to get a bike tube. ^_^ Ahh, so nice.

Good thing I remembered to run my hand around the inside before putting the new tube in: Found a thin staple-like piece of metal still stuck in the tire about a foot away from the bigger puncture. So, there were actually two holes in the old tube. No idea when they happened, but it's all fixed up now with a new tube.

Finally, I can venture further again - aw poor 20mi! Haven't been there in a month, and it really took a pounding - all those poor trees! No ice on the lake last winter to give us a buffer, so even the trees weren't enough to stop the erosion and fell victim to it themselves. All those environmental changes you hear about, like smog, newly extreme weather patterns, polar ice melting and coasts sinking might seem far away and like they have nothing to do with where you are, but it's all connected. This is why we encourage people to be better stewards of the Earth as a whole. ^_^

Smeagol impression

printable bonus page 54

You didn't see us.

printable page 139

May22 is Biological Diversity, or Biodiversity, Day

ALL parts of nature are important, even what many consider weeds or pests - sometimes especially some of those. ^_~ Did you realize that birds don't eat just seeds and worms? They get good protein and other essential nutrients from bugs. Even bears can fatten up on moths!

Put some higher forms of nature in your home with Rodney Nombekana's photography prints of African wildlife. He worked closely with Kevin and the Sanctuary animals before becoming a safari guide and following his passion for photography. Scenes like the tenderness of the giraffe pair are poses you'd normally only catch in paintings. ^_^ (Exchange rates fluctuate, but just to give you an idea, I believe 1,100R is currently around 60US. :)

It's mixed up a lot out there, and I can't find an official source that lists these; but what I came to understand is that International Hug A Cat Day is May 30, and National Hug Your Cat Day is June 4. ...and some people, like me, think, "Isn't every day Hug A Cat Day..?" ;p

June 5 is World Environment Day - This year's theme is biodiversity. They have a fun quiz there for you to explore how much you already know about biodiversity and for you to learn more about what you don't know. Whether you get it right or not, each answer brings up a photo and some info you may or may not already know. ^_^

{ yes, Unicorn used some artistic-license-magic to get her forelegs all the way around ^_~ }

starry hugs

printable page 140

cat planet!

Seems like a good time to share some cat-themed fun I came across a while ago: "The world is a cat playing with Australia." ^o^

(there is a url on the image, but there's a few versions out there, so I don't know the original source of the fun - it wasn't me. ^_~)

Compassion. Acknowledgement. Healing. Unity.

All life matters.

Shame on those who hijack a legitimate grievance for ulterior agendas.

And Blessings on those helping pick up the pieces and restore focus.

"Together" - Steven Curtis Chapman

spirit of the law

printable bonus page 55

Troublemaker Grand Prix

Help fight Covid-19 issues in South Africa and have a chance to win a trip to Monaco Grand Prix next year! Sounds like fun. ~ view post ~ watch video ~

...the original Acceleracers - now, those are some awesome racetracks. ^_~

printable page 141

A scene from one of the old documentaries... As soon as I saw it a few years ago, I wanted to sketch it one day... ^o^

This is the original Thor who was killed by a lightning strike the same day Nelson Mandela died in 2013. Here, during a walk by a river with Kevin, they had found a tire, and Thor took it to play with. Next thing you know, he's hobbling into frame with it around his legs and holding the rim in his mouth... ^o^ So precious! Just makes your heart melt with warm fuzzy feelings. And giggles. ^_~ I mean..: So regal! Such impressive might! ^_^

Nelson Mandela was a great and wise advocate for equality, peace, and nurturing of our communities as well as of our environment.

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.” - Nelson Mandela

The original Thor

printable page 142

My pet lion.

"Not allowed to go out and play in the mud."
But maybe how a lot of people feel this 2020 March / April: Sheltering in place, looking out a window.
Keep Faith! Stay positive! Be the cure! ^_^

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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