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God Save The King!

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"If people were superior to animals, they would take better care of the world." - Winnie the Pooh (AA Milne)

lion stars

Depending how you connect the stars, the Leo constellation has been depicted in various poses.

You can draw your own lion picture around the stars on page 143b.

If you can get away from the lights of towns and cities, you can see a whole lot more stars. Check out the DK Findout site for other constellations to look for. Some are only visible certain times of the year.

printable page 143

Make your own lion pride with these paper dolls. ^_^

It's easier to color them before cutting them out - and easier to cut out if you color a little background around the lion's mane and the tops of the grass, so you don't need to cut each point (just go straight along the tips of the points).

Making dioramas is fun. Decorate the inside of a box (shoeboxes are great) so that the bottom is the background when you stand it up, then the sides as the ground, background extension on either side and the sky. You can change the animals in and out for different scenes, or pick out your favorites and glue them in place. For that, you can leave tabs on the bottom of the pieces instead to glue them to the cardboard ground. Lay out your pieces to make sure how you want them before gluing them in place.

These are fun, and I'm making more in different poses - and other African animals, too. ~ And since July 18 is Nelson Mandela Day, where people do 67 of something to honor his 67 years of advocacy, I decided I'll make at least 67 animal paper dolls. ^_^

Lions On The Loose

lion pride 1

printable page 144

printable page 144r - reversed positions

lion pride 2

While creating a few new ones, I'm also pulling a bunch of poses from previous coloring pages and adjusting them so we can use them in this fun. ^_^

printable page 145

printable page 145r - reversed positions

paper dolls 3

printable page 146

printable page 146r - reversed positions

Here's a few yummy prey animals for your lions to stalk. Remember, only about 1 out of 5 hunts is successful - and watch out for other predators!

Nelson Mandela Day

printable bonus page 56

Apparently "Rolihlahla", his birth name, means "pulling the branch of the tree" and is equivalent to "troublemaker". ...maybe that's why I identify with him so much. ^o^ ~ picture is based from a photo in this Smithsonian article.

paper dolls 4

printable page 147

printable page 147r - reversed positions

For interesting diorama inspiration, check out Artists Helping Children , No More Still , Storm the Castle (takes it seriously, wow!)...

They can be big or small, and you can use just about any container and even deep-dish paper plates or trays. Use a cookie tin or cereal box, an eggshell, custom-make your own from pieces of cardboard or wood, or even paper maché..! Be creative! I remember even making some with slits in the side of the box to have moving pieces - like water or animals on long tabs to move across the scene. ^_^ (If you don't have cardstock, you can use manilla folders.) And cutting out pictures from magazines (with permission! ^_~), to decorate the background or to stand up - glue them onto thicker paper and remember to have tabs to fold back.

~*~ We made dollhouses this way, too! Wish I had photos of them, they were pretty cool! My fav' was a two-story with staircase and everything. No money for fancy store-bought ones, doesn't mean you have to do without. ^_~

Which reminds me : Many stores are happy to let you have their empty boxes, and they have all different shapes and sizes for whatever your project might be. Also, a tip for using cotton balls : Rather than just gluing a ball on, pull them and spread them out for nice looking clouds, snow, or even fur.

Got mixed up when timing the layouts, so had to finish this one out of order. ^.^ So, this week is pg149, and next week will be 148, then 150... Nobody probably pays attention to the page numbers, anyway, so this is probably just a note to myself. ;p

July 31 is World Ranger Day - Could have swore I posted about rangers issues in the pandemic, but I can't find it. Probably got sidetracked and thought I did but didn't.

This year has been exceedingly hard on the men and women who protect our wildlife, especially in Africa where most, and often all, of their income is from tourism. No tourists, no pay. Yet, wildlife still needs protected, and their communities still need food and other necessities. Kevin shared a video of some time he recently spent with a team in the reserve his Sanctuary is in. Until tourists can return, you can help the rangers and reserve staff keep up equipment and themselves in protecting lions and other wildlife through the Kevin Richardson Foundation's campaign #dowhatyoucan. Let's help make sure there's wildlife left to enjoy when we can travel again! ^_^

paper dolls 6

printable page 149

printable page 149r - reversed positions

paper dolls 5

printable page 148

printable page 148r - reversed positions

Many places say that impala are antelope, and not gazelles, and that only gazelles stott. It's funny, because there are a lot of photos and videos of impala stotting. ^,^ SO, it's a bit confusing, but impala often do stott - whether they're a gazelle or not.

"Stotting" is bounding high into the air in sort of a stiff-legged, bouncy prance. Other animals do things like that, too - maybe you've seen rabbits friskily leaping high about each other in your yard. General belief is that the behaviour in animals is to show off their fitness to deter rivals, impress potential mates, and even to make predators think twice about trying to chase them. Depends whose around when they're doing it.

August 10 is World Lion Day

To celebrate and help spread awareness, here's another card to pass on some lion love to others - or just enjoy for yourself. ^_^

This card will fit into a regular envelope, but you could assemble the heart right on the lion half of the page for a miniposter. (That's what the rectangle outline is for, if desired. Otherwise, cut around the lion and hearts to separate them.)

Printing the actual card part on cardstock would be great, but I don't recommend it for the inner parts, as it may make the card so thick in the middle that it would require extra postage.

With the card base the same color as the page the lion is on, you don't need to worry about cutting precisely around the tail. If the paws don't line up for you, just glue some on top of those spots (which is how the original design was done anyway ^_~). The main thing is to just make sure the creases and folds line up in the center of the card so that it opens and closes well.

It's a different kind of pop-up inspired by this site (which has a video of her doing one, if that might help you out). Really cute, but I noticed that sometimes the leading heart section doesn't come up for them all to be nicely spaced when the card is opened. I just added a little strip of paper to help it pull open better. Just fold a little strip, maybe about 3/4" long, into an M shape and glue the ends inside the tops of the hearts on that end. You could do more than one section, or all the way across, if you like, and either the same color as the hearts, or purposely in different colors (rainbow would fit, as there's six spaces). Whatever suits your theme.

The information on the card's page was just for you, but then I thought it might be nice to be able to cut it out, fold it, and include it in the card. I also made different versions of the card cover, including a blank one, so you can easily use it for whatever occasion you like. Have fun! ^_^

World Lion Day card example

World Lion Day card

printable bonus page 57 - card inside

printable bonus page 57 - card cover

printable bonus page 57 - Happy Birthday

printable bonus page 57 - Thank You

printable bonus page 57 - blank

World Lion Day card love

A few of these lion poses are based from images of the KRW Sanctuary lions. ^_^

paper dolls 7

printable page 150

printable page 150r - reversed positions

Another bit of fun. ^_^ One of my rocks was posted. Made my World Lion Day, but if you read the comments... "is that another done by lionwhisperer?" ... ^o^; I just can't decide between giggling or grinning evilly... Kevin, where do you find the time? ^,^

Africa has such diverse and numerous species of deer-like animals!!! In the States, we have what? Whitetail... and... elk over by the Rockies. ^o^ Okay, those are the most well-known. There's also pronghorn antelope and mule deer over there, and north are caribou / reindeer and moose, south has a few non-native species mainly in Texas...

Africa has... impala, Thomson's gazelle, springbok, kudu, sable, gerenuk, blackbuck, oryx, eland, suni, roan, waterbuck, steenbok, nyala, klipspringer, lechwe... and there's even more... ^,^

I said "deer-like". ;p Antelope, gazelles and deer are similar but not of the same family. The deer family is called "cervidae" and have antlers that are shed each year. Antelope / gazelles are part of the "bovidae" family (like cows, sheep, goats) and have horns, which are bone, part of their skull, and permanent. If one breaks off, it won't grow back, though it may develop a bit of stunted, deformed growth at the break.

So, on that definition: North America would only have one antelope, the speedy pronghorn, except it's not even a true antelope but actually a family of its own. So, we have NO antelope over here ^,^. Africa has 71-72 different ones. (A few sites said 71, but Kruger Park says 72.) ~ An interesting tidbit: Like deer, antelope have herds, a male is a buck, a female is a doe, but baby antelope are calves instead of fawns.

Sharing a giggle: I've linked to her fun nature comics site Bird and Moon before, but "A Guide to Bird Photography" really hit my funnybone. ^o^

I think this makes 67, but I have at least one more in mind to finish. You can click on the photo of the tree sample to see it larger.

paper dolls 8 sample

Side note, as, unfortunately, naysayers I know still don't get it: Remember, (unless it's a specially designed one) wearing a face covering isn't about protecting you: It's about having respect for others and keeping your germs to yourself. ^_^

paper dolls 8

printable page 151

printable page 151r - reversed positions

Kevin's added some lion-themed masks to his lion collectibles - and I noticed there's even a onesie. So cute! And when it's outgrown, you could frame it - a better keepsake than baby shoes. (Babies don't need shoes! ;p) - Don't forget about teemill's great selection, too! ^_^

...so... 2020Aug23... This morning, I was looking skyward as I headed down the road, keeping an eye out for eagles as I neared the lake... And almost ran over a turkey.

^o^; My, they sure are big up close and with all their feathers and stuff on. ^o^ (I was on a bike, mind you.) I've crossed paths with lots of turkey, but never that closely. ^,^ So glad I didn't hit him. Here's a bit of trivia: Seems a group of wild turkeys is called a flock, while domestic ones are referred to as a "rafter" or "gang".

paper dolls 9

printable page 152

printable page 152r - reversed positions

Baobab tree fruit is highly nutritious, and all parts have some nutrition and use for animals and humans. Baobabs can store water in their huge trunks, and that helps them survive when droughts occur. It also helps other animals during dry spells. Elephants use their tusks to dig into the tree trunks and eat the wood pulp for nutrition and moisture. Other animals take advantage of these openings, too.

Sometimes elephants excavate too much of a tree and end up killing it. Other trees get large hollows in them but are able to keep growing around them and have been used as homes for animals and even humans. Baobab trunks can be so large around that they compare to the giant sequoias in California, but don't grow that tall.

Last month, I had sent a fun version of the lion-heart card to the Kevin Richardson Foundation to wish them a Happy World Lion Day. Unfortunately, I just got it back marked "refused". It's the address they list, and I used it before without a problem - that I know of, anyway - so I don't know what's up with that. Maybe they don't appreciate my humor. ^,^ Ah, well. I apologize and will keep it to myself in the future.

Also this site won't be further updated til who knows when: I've mentioned elsewhere on the site that there are people out there who hate me and will harass me if they find me. Well, they found me. So, I will need to endure and deal with their twistedness yet again.

Just remember what I've said: Take a real good look at who is spreading hate, and who advocates compassion and nurturing.

But even if everyone around me falls prey to their bandwagon of lies and manipulation rather than using common sense, God's got me. Saw a just about unheard of double cloudbow this morning! Awesome. I saw the main one and watched it as long as I could as I rode along, and then, as the sun rose a little higher, I noticed a small bit of a second one to the right of it. ^_^ God is so cool. Again, it was much more impressive in person, not very clear in the photo. If you tilt your screen, you can pick out the reds of it better. (The bit of second one that was to the right wasn't showing yet, when I took the photo.)

Recall: A cloudbow happens when the rising or setting sun hits the moisture of a cloud just right.


"The true friend is the one who walks in,
when everyone else walks out.

Morning Traffic

loose gooses

come along children

Canadian Geese - One of the adults always goes out first, then calls the others when he thinks it's safe. Then, like a crossing guard, he stands in the middle while the other two adults usher the little ones across. Notice how they keep the goslings in the middle, with an adult at each end - and the crossing guard hanging back to keep an eye out..

Last month, the last adult over patiently waited, in the middle of the road, and waited, and waited, then finally made a low call. You heard sudden splashing and rustling through the long grass and a gosling hustled out. ^o^ He'd not been paying attention and had gotten left behind, playing in the water in the overgrown ditch and suddenly realizing everybody had gone. ^o^ And she just casually followed him across to the others, no scolding. It was just great to see the behaviour. Animals may not specifically count their offspring, but they know each one of them. ^_~ (It's sad, though: There were originally six goslings, and now there's only four. Probably hawks or something carried them off, as I hadn't seen any roadkill.) ~ ...I try to remember to check my tires for goose poo before I bring my bike in. They're cute, but they sure do make a mess everywhere they go! ^,^

come along children

left behind

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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