God Save The King!

And his kingdom!

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God Save The King!

"There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction." - John F. Kennedy

GSTK craft

It's been really difficult to get my last updates to upload, and now it's even giving me strange errors. Maybe I've been hacked, I don't know. I used to have a good connection here, but whatever started interfering with it last year just seems to get worse.

So, private connection taken away, I've tried to get online through public wifi, but apparently a five year old laptop is too ancient to be compatible with public wifi. >_< The library's network won't even show in the list. We tried turning different settings on and off and rebooting and such to no avail. I guess I'm just not allowed that freedom.

So, here's the pages I had planned for April (April Fool's Day, Easter, and World Hyena Day), and more will likely need to wait until I can move to a new apartment, or whatever's interfering with my connection magically clears up. (I can't put my files on a library computer, so, no, I can't just use theirs. ^_~)

Fun for April Fool's Day - I've often giggled to myself about the Sanctuary having a new sign for the "Kevin Richardson Senior Lion Living Center", or "Retirement Home", or the like, and decided April Fool's Day was a good time to draw and post it: Most of the lions Kevin rescued are now elderly. ^_^ Some of the Sanctuary lions have passed away over the years, of natural causes like ripe old age, yet many are still thriving and enjoying long years under the loving care of Kevin and his staff.

Most captive lions are not even half as lucky.

(The contentedly napping older couple in the picture is based from an old photo of Tau and Tabby.)

contented old couple

Printable page 222

GSTK craft

Other fun:

A giggle hit me in February: Given that my three characters manifest out of me and often do things I myself wouldn't normally do, I realized that I am "tripolar". ^,^

Also, every April Fool's Day, I would joke to my Mom, "I'm pregnant with triplets!" ^,^ We eventually started wondering how funny it would be if one day it were actually true. ^.^ ... Who knew, right? I just realized that I really was pregnant with triplets all that time, just waiting for the right time to be born. ^,^ She would have loved them. ^_^

Here is an Easter version for the small pop-up card series. I also made a version with plain eggs, if you want to decorate them differently. ^_^

Printable page 223 ~*~ plain version

GSTK Lion Easter Egg Pendant - I think this craft came out really well and looks pretty cool. ^_^ I don't know if I like the lioness better with, or without, whiskers, so made a page of each version, as well as versions for those who might want all the sides of an egg the same, or prefer just one of the designs. See it finished in photo above.

You can even use them separately, gluing ribbon behind each one or gluing them to cards, or such. ^_^

GSTK craft

(Yeah, originally I had the lioness one almost like posted but thought it made the chin look funny so had changed it when doing my example (photo), only to find it looked better the first way. ^.^)

GSTK craft

Printable page 224 ~ no whiskers

~ all hearts ~ all lion ~

~ all lioness ~ all lioness no whiskers ~

GSTK game

April 27 is World Hyena Day.

While I was working on my LION and African Animals versions of the BINGO game, I had also thought of doing a hyena one. I had decided it'd be good to save it for World Hyena Day, so here it is now. ^_^

Like the others, I made two versions, so you can match picture to picture, or picture to words.

Printable page 225 ~ game pieces ~ word gameboard

Find out more about hyenas through links in the hyena section

Well, still haven't been able to move, and whatever's interfering with my signal here is still really bad. I haven't been able to be online much at all. Even my tv reception has gotten so bad that I often miss half of what I try to watch, because it keeps pixelating or totally losing signal, no matter where I move the antenna. ...and you know it always does it at the good part..! ^.^ I had good reception here until last year. It's really frustrating.

People are frustrating, too. Others' indiscretions with my information have got me obscene texts, and random numbers trying to send me files of who knows what (my phone doesn't do files or images, or even really long texts). Ah, well. Next time I change my number, I'm not giving it to anyone. ;p

Some people value gossip more than they do the people they are gossiping about.

Is the fifteen minutes of fame worth it? Is the thirty pieces of silver worth it?

Animals are up front and direct. They don't gossip or make fantastical assumptions and aren't interested in sensationalism. That's why a lot of people prefer their company over other humans. When humans are constantly throwing you under the bus, is it really any wonder?

Ah, well. "Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil; our great hope lies in developing what is good." - Calvin Coolidge

Rubs and Kisses

rubs and kisses

game tail

GSTK maze

Again, due to the interference, I'm still experiencing a lot of difficulty getting things to upload, so I still can't post like I used to and am still missing out on everything online and sorely miss those fuzzy faces! ;_; I've tried getting on in the middle of the night, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. ;_;

I took screenshots of a lot before, and those are what I have to work with for sketches... Here are a bunch of cute ones for May, all from old KR and KRF posts..:

printable page 226 - The coalition showing the rubs of "Rubs & Kisses" was from a cute photo in a post that I don't think said which lions they were.

printable page 227 - In the kisses of "Rubs & Kisses", the lion allogrooming a lioness I'm pretty sure was Vayetse and Livy in the photo.

printable page 228 - the cub holding an adult's tail was a photo of a wild one, I believe.

printable page 229 - aMAZEing Bonds is another one that I don't think specified which lions were in the photo.

I have had limited access to the internet and now will be losing it altogether. It seems to still be in service at the moment (sporadic and weak as the signal is), so I'll see if I can get this one last post up. If I can get reliable internet access one day, I'll try to start posting again.

As I've lamented several times, I have been in the dark of everything going on online since last year, yet sometimes people seem to be expecting me to respond to, or act on, something. No idea. No one has contacted me, which if it was genuine or important you'd think someone would, so maybe I just read too much into things. Though, I have had mail stolen. If you don't get a response to something, you should verify the intended recipient got it.

Again, I do NOT have social media - if you think you are talking to me online, you are not and should report it. I have gotten no emails, regular mail or any other contact.

So, know that there are people alluding that they've talked to me, yet no one has. I have tried to relay that, yeah, it's obvious there's talk, but I don't know what the talk is. You are talking to yourselves. People are making assumptions and gossiping on their own. I am not included. No one is interested in me for me.

I didn't create this site looking for fame or fortune, but others apparently have tried to use it, me, to gain it for themselves. It is disappointing and hurtful.

I was happy just having this fun creative outlet that let me so joyfully connect with others. It was others who alluded they understood my situation and got my hopes up that I would be able to go further. Allusions are illusions.

Meg and Kevin

printable page 230

I created this site to advocate for lions, and snow leopards, and wildlife, and this beautiful planet that is our one and only home, and to help people realize that it's not just saving wildlife habitat: It's saving our habitat, too.

Saving the environment, saving wildlife: It's all about saving ourselves. From ourselves.

I wish my journey with you hadn't been cut short by others. I would have loved being able to be at your side until I took my last breath. Now, it is in God's hands and yours.

Be stewards of the Earth.

keep faith

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Be a steward of the Earth.

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